Gerald Ford

Nikhil Kesarla-Period 1

How Ford becomes President

As the vice-president under Nixon's administration, Ford became the 38th Republican President following the Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation on August 9th, 1974.

He was the only unelected president, as he became president after a vote from Congress.

Ford soon gives Nixon a Ford Pardon in which he forgives Nixon of his crimes

End of Vietnam War

The continuation of the Vietnam War was one of Ford's biggest challenges.

  • Ford signed the Paris Peace Accords on January 27th, 1963
  • This called for a cease fire between North and South Vietnam
  • Also released American prisoners of war
  • Guaranteed the national sovereignty and integrity of Vietnam
  • However, in early 1975, North Vietnam invaded the South and quickly defeated them and crushed US troops
  • The conclusion of this war opened new wounds both domestically and internationally in the way America was perceived, as countries realized it could still be defeated
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