Left 4 dead 1&2

So you won't suck at the game

Left 4 dead

The first game of the series. It is probably on of my favorite games of all time. When it was first released every one had its doubts. They thought it was going to be another hack n slash game. The game had the goal of going to point A to point B. All you had to do was make it to the safehouse. Once you mad it to the safehouse you where greeted with weapons and first aid. Once you made it to the last safehouse you had to wait tell rescue team will come. While you are calling the rescue team in you will have to wait and fight a wave of zombies. Once they come you will get inside of there escape vehicle and win the game.

The survivors

These are the people you play as in left 4 dead. There names are Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis. They are the only people you play as in the game. They are kind of like immortals in the game cause 1- they never die!!!!!!!!

The Special Infected

The type of zombies are not your regular zombies. These zombies have there own power or ability.

Here are all of the special infected

So always watch your back no matter what

This every thing I can tell you

Once you are out there you are alone with your partners. Always use team work without it you are dead