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July 2022

Extended School Year (ESY) 2022 Starts Next Week

Welcome to ESY! Your child's ESY teacher or related service provider should have reached out to you via email or phone to introduce themselves. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of us.

James Sievers

Secondary Coordinator

Catina Lyles

Director of Special Education

Here are the dates/times/locations for ESY in Ladue:

Dates: July 6th - July 28th

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Monday - Thursday)

Location for grades 5-12: Ladue Horton Watkins High School

Location for grades K-4: Ladue Fifth Grade Center

Extended School Year (ESY) services are offered during the summer for students who receive special education services and who the IEP team find eligible to receive ESY services. ESY is not the same as summer school, which school districts may or may not offer to district students.

Please note: Services (amount) and goals are determined by the IEP team. Please reach out to the special education coordinator with any questions.

Mrs. Shelton's Farewell Message

After spending one year in the Ladue School District as an SSD special education coordinator, I have learned many valuable lessons, met the most dedicated and hardworking educators, interacted with many amazing students, witnessed strong parental involvement and advocacy, and experienced a wonderful partnership between SSD and Ladue School Districts. I feel honored to have been a part of the Ladue/SSD family and appreciate every single person who was part of this journey. I am taking all that I have learned into my next profession as a school psychologist with SSD. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always have fond memories of my time in Ladue because it is an amazing district!

Sonia Shelton

Introducing Our New Special Education Coordinator

John Turner, Ed.S.

My name is Mrs. John Turner and it is my privilege to address you as the new elementary Special Education Coordinator for Ladue School District. I come to you with 17 years of experience as a special education teacher and leader in both St. Louis City and St. Louis County. I previously worked as a secondary coordinator, administrative intern, and teacher in the Lindbergh School District. I am excited for the opportunity to meet your child and get to know you as a family. My aim is to personally work with you to ensure that your family has the best possible educational experience.


John Turner


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School’s out…now what? 5 Tips to Keep Kids Mentally Healthy During Summer Break.

When the school year takes a pause, underlying issues in kids can progress. And without check-ins from adults with a variety of perspectives, these issues can go unnoticed.

So how can parents check up on their children’s mental health during summer break?

Here are five tips for checking up on a child’s mental well-being form Dr. Rachel Leonard of Rogers Behavioral Health Center of St. Paul, MN:

  1. Find an activity you could do together. “Even if it’s something small, like a walk after dinner, these can be great opportunities for your child to open up to you,” Dr. Leonard says.

  2. Maintain routine or structure. “While summer may be a nice reprieve from academic expectations and it is natural to spend more time relaxing, it is helpful to still maintain some structure throughout the days and weeks as well as to engage in a variety of activities,” says Dr. Leonard.

  3. Monitor overall patterns of behavior. “For example, many kids enjoy sleeping in during vacation. If that doesn’t interfere with getting to activities on time or engaging with friends and hobbies, it’s likely not an issue. However, if your child sleeps for much of the day, avoids engaging with others, and also appears to be down or irritable much of the time, this is more cause for concern,” Dr. Leonard explains.

  4. Watch for avoidance of or anxiety in certain types of activities or situations. “When someone is struggling, they often avoid or disengage from things they used to do. While you may see decreases in some activities, there are often increases in other more solitary and sedentary activities, such as sleep, playing video games, watching TV, or reading,” says Dr. Leonard.

  5. Signs of distress. “This can include tearfulness, irritability, restlessness, and comments indicating a negative view of themselves, hopelessness, or excessive worry about negative outcomes in the future,” says Dr. Leonard

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Parent Education and Diversity Awareness (PEDA) Information

Are you still thinking about what to do this summer?

The PEDA Summer Resource Packet can help!

PEDA 2022 Summer Resource Packet

Other helpful resources:

St. Louis Recreation Council

Blueprint for Summer

St. Louis County Parks Activity Guide

Early Childhood Summer Resource Guide

Family Leadership Institute

The highly successful SSD Parent Leadership Institute that has had more than 280 participants since 2007 is once again being offered under a new name of Family Leadership Institute (FLI).

The Institute will be Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm at SSD Central Office: October 12, 19, 26 and November 2.

If you are a parent or family member who makes the educational decisions for a child with a disability, investing the time to attend these four Wednesday evening sessions will provide:

VISION: for the future of your child.

KNOWLEDGE: to help effectively participate in your child's education.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: to improve the educational climate for all children.

ACCESS: to new resources, friends, and experts to help you on your journey.

Apply today

PEDA would love your feedback!

Please complete are PEDA Communications survey here: PEDA Survey

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