Welcome to fourth grade!

Internet Safety * Digital Citizenship * Copyright

Talk to your child about internet safety!

This year we will be using the internet frequently as a resource and as a way to publish our work, and it is important that all students know the safety precautions in order to do so. Although this will be discussed in school, it is equally important to have the conversation at home.

Never give personal information to people you don't know while using the internet. (This includes full name, birthdate, address, etc.)


Cyber Bullying is also another important topic to be discussed at school and at home. It is important for students to know that cyber bullying causes the same effects of "in-person" bullying. Here are some guiding points to discuss and enforce at home:

  • Participating in cyber bullying will cause a loss of internet privileges at school (and preferably at home)
  • If you know of any cyber bullying occurring, please tell an adult.


This will be thoroughly discussed in school, but please enforce the laws of copyright at home as well. Please make sure that any source (information, images, videos, etc.) are cited.

All images are from www.brainpop.com and www.brainpopjr.com