The Greek god

By Kiley Anderson

Info on Apollo

Apollo's mother is Leto and his father is Zeus.

Apollo did not have a spouse.

Apollo had many children including Orpheus, Asclepius, and Aristaaeus.

Apollo was an immortal god.

Apollo was the god of sunlight, poetry, music, healing, and truth.

Apollo's Roman name was still Apollo.

Fun Facts about Apollo

1. Apollo is famous for his oracle at Delphi.

2. Apollo supposedly had to "drive the sun across the sky".

3. Apollo's symbols are the lyre and the laurel wreath.

4. Apollo is often depicted playing the lyre.

5. Apollo is said to have invented the lute.

6. When someone dies suddenly, they are said to have been shot down by one of Apollo's arrows.

7. Apollo was given a lyre by Hermes to make up for cattle theft.

8. Apollo turned King Midas's ears into those of a donkey for saying he preferred someone else's music.

9. Apollo was said to have helped Trojan captain Hector's brother Paris slay Achilles, an amazing fighter.

10. Apollo won many music competitions on his lyre.

Why I chose Apollo....

I chose to do my project on the god Apollo because his realms (things he ruled over) interested me. He is god of the sun, music, poetry, healing, and truth. I wanted to learn more about what exactly the god of these things did. The thing I have in common with Apollo is music. I enjoy music-- I am in band, jazz band, choir, and show choir-- and Apollo is the god of music.

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