FLSA Incoming!

Why the FLSA is a good thing

Minimum Wage For All Non Exempt Employees

Tired of wasting your time and struggling to provide for the family, which you probably never have time to see as of now? Well with this act will help you out! President Roosevelt is updating American standards and granting every non exempt employee a minimum wage of $.25 per hour. That's right, your employer is required to give you your hard earned money.

Overtime Pay

Wait, it doesn't end there. To add to your guaranteed living wage, you can case in some more cash with your even more hard earned pay. But this act will grant you a forgiving wage of an hour of pay and a half for each hour you do overtime. Finally, overtime might be a good thing.

Child Labor

Have a child? Are you a child? Then keep reading, because President Roosevelt has some grace for you. With the pass of the FLSA, dangerous jobs will be outlawed to children under 18. Here that breaker boys? You're saved! And don't worry about supporting your family. The other 2 provisions will help your parents ensure you a well supported family.