Tulsa Association of Secondary School Principals

Our next meeting

All, our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 17th, at 7:30am at Tally's. The focus of the meeting will continue to be the upcoming budget cuts and the use of innovative strategies to improve schools. Soon you will receive a document via email that will help inform our work during that meeting. As always, if you have any questions or concerns that warrant the superintendent's attention please email me at starrca@tulsaschools.org. Please use the RSVP button below to let me know if you will be in attendance.

TASSP Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 9pm

1102 South Yale Avenue

Tulsa, OK

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

In the news

Our Last Meeting

We last met with Dr. Gist on January 25th. To accommodate her busy schedule, we had a rare evening meeting. The focus of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming budget crisis that faced our schools and district. As opposed to listing of questions and concerns, we took the opportunity to have an open dialogue about what could be done to alleviate said concerns. Dr. Gist began by stating that she has already asked her chiefs to look at their current budget and see what they can do without. She further stated that her leadership team is committed to making all possible cuts before asking the schools to make cuts, however; she added that cuts at the site level seemed inevitable for the upcoming school year. Next, TASSP members asked questions and shared ideas about potential ways to save money. Those items included:

  • Four day school week
  • Re-evaluation of use of title 1 funds at the site and district level
  • Asking the state to relax constraints on title 1 expenditures (allowing funds to be used in science and history in addition to math and English
  • Allowing the use of a teacher assistant in TRAICE to allow that allocation to be used as a general allocation
  • Expanded use of the teacher assistant role
  • Expanded use of E2020 for credit accrual
  • Utilizing central office staff as substitute teachers

Dr. Gist took note of all of the suggestions and said that all ideas would be considered.