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Weekly Blog June 1st-June 5th, 2015

Learning Labs

Exploring the Outdoors! This week we had a great time exploring our beautiful playscape! Exploring the deep blue sea, playing kickball, creating a picnic for the baby dolls, sensory play, art experiences, and enjoying each others company during our last few weeks of school. We discovered a new song Che Che Kula (An African Dance Song) which we adore. Ask your child to show you the moves that go along with the song! Mila brought in her new hobby to share with us. She has learned to knit and took the time to teach Brady how to operate the knitting needles! Moizelle brought in some delicious organic local honey and we sliced up some apples for a refreshing and healthy snack! Alexa (a student from last year's Kindergarten class) came to visit on Tuesday and brought one of the hens, Sweetie, that live on her farm. The students got to here about how Sweetie lays eggs and the coop they live in. Many students were so excited to pet Sweetie but a few were a bit unsure. Alexa demonstrated her progress in reading skills as she shared a story book about a little hen to the group. We love when our alumni students come to visit!

June Projects

Look what the students are planning!

June is exciting for the students and teachers as well! Students are in charge of all of the planning this month. They have some fantastic ideas planned. Students shared that they would like to turn school into a camp for the month! Tabitha (Easton's Mommy) provided us with a tent. Students also are looking for camping supplies such as sleeping bags, camp cooking pots and equipment, photos of camping experiences or anything else that you may have that would work for the project. Students are inspired to make organic popsicles. The chefs want to make avocado pear popsicles, kiwi popsicles and mango popsicles. This project was inspired by our organic ice cream project! We will keep our little chefs busy! We are also planning some bubble experiments, fizzing sidewalk chalk. If you have any socks that have lost their other half we could use a few for our bubble experiment!

Stella Bunny Volunteer

Calling all Bunny Lovers!!! Is anyone interested in helping out with Stella for the month of July? We are looking for a loving home to take her for the weeks of June 29th-July 13th. If anyone is interested in having an addition to their family for a couple of weeks send us an email. She needs a home that can allow her outdoor time as well as indoor time, safe from other animals and pets and supplies lots of fresh greens! (If you have noticed she is getting a little bigger. We call her a happy bunny:)

News for the upcoming School Year!

The administrative team has been busy bees planning away! We will be sending out the amended last page to your parent contracts reflecting your tuition contract for the upcoming school year. We will be sending the document out through regular snail mail for you to complete and submit back to the office. The tuition reflects the new rates for the 2015-2016 school year. We will need all tuition contracts returned to the office by June 15th, 2015. The tuition rates are based upon the 2015-2016 projected yearly program budget for a quality early childhood program. Watch for your information in the mail by early next week!

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