Booby Birds and Seagulls

How do these birds live?

How do Booby Birds live?

Booby birds live in subtropical and tropical islands. They have a speed of 97 km or 60 mph. Their wing span is 130 cm-155 cm or 51 in.-61 in. This helps with their speed. They travel in a group called flocks. When traveling in flocks to different islands it helps them to know that they have someone to rely on. Their life span is usually 12-17 years. They weigh up to 0.9 kg-1.8 kg or 21 lbs-3.9 lbs. The size of the Booby birds would be 64 cm-91 cm or 25 in- 36 in. These birds are Carnivores or a meat eater. Their favorite food (or meat) to eat is flying fish. Eating the flying fish helps with their feathers which are usually: brown, black, white, or grey.

How do Seagulls live?

They live in an habitat of coastlines, bays, major lakes, urban areas, and anywhere global. Their life span is 10-15 years. They weigh up to 120-1750 g. Their body size is up to 30-75 cm. They don't really need to protect themselves. There are so many of them who help clean up trash or dropped food on Earth. That is why humans don't mess with them.
Seagulls and trash on the beach in Santa cruz.
Blue Footed Booby Mating Ritual