Digital Citizenship

How you can be a good digital citizen!

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette

-Don't be an internet bully!!!

-Don't internet flame people.

-If you wouldn't do it to someone in daily life don't do it online!

Digital Communication

Digital Communication


-Video conferences

-Instant messenger


No no's!!!

-Loud ringer in class

-Texting in class


Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

-Buying and Selling online

-Keep information secure

-Don't use unsecure wifii to make purchases

-Use credit card or payment service

Digital health and wellness

Important questions to ask yourself before posting.

-How will this affect my reputation

-How will this affect my family

-How will this affect my future

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Digital rights and responsibilities

-Don't be a bully

-Report inappropriate posts and bullying

Digital security

-Clean machine regularly

-Review privacy settings on social media

-Separate accounts for multiple users