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You Ready for Me?

Hey Guys.

I hope you had a great weekend and are not stuck looking out the window for the last of the snow days. I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for this last week before Spring Break!

I am creating this Smore for you guys to keep you up on the latest information and educational trends.......kind of like Teachers Pay Teachers, but on Steroids.

School Culture

There is a lot of talk these days about School Culture and how it affects teaching. With contract negotiations and health benefits and budgetary issues lingering, I found this really cool article on School Culture and Transparency. I think it is a quick read and an easy way to boost the culture. I truly believe that we do an amazing job with school culture here in Berkeley Township but it never hurts to see it in writing.

Great Article on Leadership!

The Dilemma of Homework

We have all had the discussions of Homework and its effectiveness. I would like to share this article on one Principal's Perspective on Homework and would love to have a google blog to see your thoughts.

One of the most difficult things when I became a principal was thinking that I was a great communicator and realizing that I needed to get my message across in other ways.

Super Video.... Makes you think.