Up On the Hill

Anderson-Shiro Secondary: January 4 - January 8


Happy New Year!!!!

I hope that this newsletter finds you well! I have made the most of every day off and spent this Christmas Break spending some much needed time with family.

We begin back tomorrow with the faculty and staff and the students will begin on Tuesday.

Teachers, please report the high school cafeteria at 8:30. There will be no breakfast, but a wonderful coffee bar is being set up for you! Lunch is on your own and we should wrap up around 3:30. Please bring your Classroom Instruction That Works workbook that you received this summer.

Instructional assistance, please report to our campus at 8:30 as well. Mrs. Lavergne and Mrs. Bradford will have details about what needs to be accomplished for the day. Your workday will end at 3:30 as well, and you also have lunch on your own.

I am excited to see you all tomorrow and to start our second semester of the 2015/2016 school year! I couldn't ask for a better group to spend my days with!



Campus Collaborative

We will have our campus collaborative on Wednesday, January 13 starting at 3:45 in the CLC room; please make plans to attend. Please bring a copy of a current week long lesson plan. Also, please ensure that they complete and follow the template in Eduphoria. We will be using your plans to identify student and teacher moves as we spoke about at the end of the last campus collaborative.

Character Counts - Caring

Character Counts Trait

Please submit all your nominations to students who exhibited the Character Counts Trait of Caring by the end of this week. We will be focusing this month on Citizenship. Please share with your students what trait we are identifying this Month and what it means to show great citizenship.

Your Week at a Glance

Monday, January 4

Staff Development Day - Begin at High School at 8:30 (Business Casual), lunch on your own

Tuesday, January 5

HS Boys Basketball game - home

Wednesday, January 6

Diana, James and Tonya - District CLC 9 - 11

JH basketball game - home

Thursday, January 7

Friday, January 8

HS Girls Basketball game - home

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