What is the Respiration

Nasal cavity

Breathes in warm moist air. The nasal cavity also filters the dust particles.


The pharynx is the portion of the digestion track that recieves the food from your mouth.


The larynx is portion of the respiratory track containing the vocal cords which produce sounds.


The trachea is a wide tube that connects the larynx to the bronchi of the lungs.


The bronchi is the airway. The bronchi is the main passageway to the lungs.


The bronchioles are the passageway which air passes through the nose or mouth to the alveoli.


The alveoli is the gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. Oxygen from the inhaled air diffuses through the walls of the alveoli.


The lungs is what takes the air be taken into the body.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that starts off in one or both of your lungs. You can get lung cancer from smoking.


The diaphragm is a muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdomen.


Infections are when you are cut or stabbed with something and you have an open wound and it gets something in the cut or scrap and it gets infection in it.


Bronchitis are the inside of the mucous in the bronchial tube.


Asthma are conditions caused by spasms in the bronchi of the lungs causing difficulty in breathing.


Emphysema is a long term disease in the lungs.

Carbon dioxide and oxygen

You inhale oxygen in and through your lungs and exhale carbon dioxide. When you breath in oxygen it goes through your lungs .Then when you exhale carbon dioxide it come out of your mouth/nose and helps the plants grow. The trees put off oxygen for us to breath then we put off carbon dioxide for plants to live.