GB Men's Water Polo

News for Week of September 1

Dual Games: We Need Drivers This Week

Later tonight or tomorrow the Goyette's will send out an email for parents to sign up to drive. This week both teams will be traveling to..

  1. Wednesday: Skyline High School, Ann Arbor
  2. Thursday: Seaholm High School, Birmingham

Meeting time at Grand Blanc High School will be 3:45 pm with a 4:00 pm departure time. Varsity plays at 6:00 and JV at 7:00.

Varsity Tournament: We Need Drivers This Weekend

Varsity will participate in the Ann Arbor Pioneer Invitational this week end. Watch for an email from Goyette's to sign up to drive both Friday and/or Saturday. We will not know departure time for Saturday until after we win on Friday night.

On Friday players and drivers will meet at 4:15 and depart at 4:30.

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Payment Due

Trina Balow will be at the High School prior to practice on Tuesday, September 1, from 5:45 to 6:30 to collect money from card sales and fee to play. Thank you to everyone who has already taken care of your account!