The ME Project

Harleen Nina Bains

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Who am I?

Who am I..? Well that's a simple yet a complex question. I would say I match that; I am similar to that statement. I am an individual that is going through a lot in life, causing some set backs but not set backs i know i can't overcome. With that being said i like to keep a positive outlook on the world and keep my mind in the right places. Despite, it may be hard i tend to get through it. I am a strong person with an intriguing mind. I would the way i think differs from most. Others may say I "view things too deep", however i would disagree and say I just analyze every situation with all the possible outcomes. I enjoy being by myself or my boyfriend, which I can say is genuinely the only person i have in my life. Things tend to be temporary, which scares me. I enjoy being by myself in the dark and writing. I keep a diary which i explain the thoughts in my head, it's like a place where i feel calm and not judged. I also enjoy night time... i like the way the stars glisten and the way the world seems so empty and relaxed. It gives me time to breathe freely and be myself. I am a person that smiles a lot, i like to make others have the same facial expression. It's hard for me to express my feelings and my thoughts but its simple if you got to know me. I am a very outgoing individual, i get a long with most, so don't ever be scared, approach me, i will be welcoming, i promise.

My Life Line

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My Favourite Things

1. I enjoy singing. This is one of the various ways i cope with stress, it helps me release my emotions. Usually when i have a panic attack i hum since it helps me catch my breathe, since it follows a pattern. The link is me sining.

2. My favourite colour is red. Most of closet is the colour black, grey, white, olive or red.

3. I dance. I been professionally dancing since the age of six. Currently i am enrolled in hip hop dance classes in downtown.


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My Leadership Style

I would say my leadership style is laissez-faire. This is because most times i like not being told what to do i prefer to work alone and figure most things out on my own. For an example when putting an item together i like to figure it out on my own rather than reading the instructions and being told on what and how to do it.

My Influences

My main influences are the people I am surrounded by. I grew up in a rough environment that being the area and my home life. I moved a lot growing up, going from house to house i never really had time to settle down and make long-term friends. I have lived downtown, Scarbrough, Rexdale, Mississauga before moving here to Brampton. Growing up witnessed a lot of things i shouldn't of seen but it shaped me for the person i am today. I can say i am a much more stronger person as i can deal with a lot of hurt at one time. Most of my friends were not good influences. At the age of twelve. i was experimenting with substances when at such a young age that shouldn't even be no where near my focus. However, i have overcome this (for the most part), as now i take what is prescribed. Most of the people i trusted are now in jail, dead, or parents. It scares me, but i have become more independent now. My character has been shaped by all that i been through that including my thoughts on myself. I have become more confident with the way i look making me a more outgoing person.

Role Model

My biggest role model is my man. He has been my support system for the past three years, He has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself. We been through a lot together but has been the only person that i have been this close with so far. I look up to him because he's very hardworking and remains positive even with all he has been through. He is going to the US on a soccer scholarship, works and goes to school and still finds time for things that are important to him. I am thriving to be someone as such a positive influence like him towards others. He makes me want to put my best foot forward in all areas weather that be school, home or life in general.

My Future

My future career job is to become a social worker. I want to go down this career pathway because i want to be someone that can make another person feel better or provide aid in any way. From personal experience, social workers have helped me through a lot and have been some of the most memorable people in my life so far. I would love to be someone that can make someone else's life better, especially kids and teenagers as i personally know how that feels. Furthermore i am an open and understanding person so i feel as though i would suit this specific pathway. I plan on reaching my goal by doing good in high school and then getting a master's degree in social work and 3000 hours of supervised clinical experience after graduation.

Family Symbols

These symbols and pictures represent my family. To begin with my family is me, my brother, my dad and my mom. Although we don't have many pictures together as a family since we never really spent time together; due to the shortage of my parents time (work), i still love. My family originates from various parts of the world. Growing up a lady i knew as my aunite, even though she wasn't, was one of the people i was around the most. She cared for me a lot and always made me feel like i was wanted. She was one of the people i will never forget. I still think about her even after her passing.

Personality Test Results

a) My Blueprint- Learning Style: auditory- kinesthetic learner

b) My Blueprint- Personality: INFP

c) My Blueprint-Interests: The counselor (si)

d) My Blueprint-Knowledge: English

e) My Blueprint-Motivations: Recogntion

f) My Blueprint-Compatibility: Conseulling Psychlogist 98%

g)Top 3 Occupations Matches: Conseulling Psychlogist, Mental Health Conseuller, Rehabilition Doctor

h) True Colours hand out: Orange

i) Right Brain or Left Brain: Left

j) Holland Code Career Test: building (low), thinking (low), creating (high), helping (high), persuading (high), organizing (high)