An Interview with Mrs. Yayi

By: Valentina Polanco

A little information about Mrs. Yayi...

Mrs. Yayi went to Florida Atlantic University and was an education major. Her teaching experience included 15 years of teaching at different preschools. She got an education degree and is currently teaching at a private preschool and kindergarten located in Keller. she teaches ages 3 and 4 and has been a teacher at the current school for 6 years. the name of the school is Reading Friends.

Everyday life as a preschool teacher

-Her advice to anyone wanting to be a teacher, or really anyone, is love what you do because if you love your work then its not really work.

-Her typical day as a teacher includes greeting the children in the morning after she makes her lesson plans for the day, then she plays with them, after that the teaches them though songs and art, after the lesson and talking with the children she does he daily activity which includes the lesson of the day. After the typical day of work its time for dismissal. she looks forward to going back everyday.

-The duties associated with her job include following the curriculum and having her daily lesson plan.

-The biggest challenge of being a teacher in her opinion is seeing the kids leave at the end of the year after you have gotten to know them and learn how the learn.

-In her opinion the biggest reward about teaching is watching the students grow over the year and see how much they have learned and accomplished.

-Mrs. Yayi puts in 25 hours of work a week her school day starts at 8 and ends at 1.

- On a scale from 1-10 the amount of self motivation needed for this job is about a 10 because the children have such a short attention span and you need a lot of patience for working with such young students.