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May 2023

April Showers, bring May Flowers

This weather has been so unpredictable lately! Warm days, rainy days, and windy days have given us a look at all of the seasons in a short time! Our students are blooming the like the flowers all around us and preparing for the end of the year. Another year coming to an end in just a few weeks - we are beyond excited and proud of what our students have accomplished this year!

Please read below about upcoming dates and information.


Our staff

As we prepare for teacher appreciation week, I thought it was important to take a moment of gratitude for our staff!

Our teachers (Lead Teachers, EC Teachers, and Specialists)-they fill their days with nurturing the development of every student they work with. There are countless hours put into planning, professional development, grading, data and meetings. They give all they have to benefit our school and we are so grateful for each and every one of them. We celebrate our teachers for their vision, passion and kindness that creates the unique environments we share each day.

Our Assistants- they are the wheel turners and stage masters of each classroom. They assist and support the daily happenings. They also attend meetings, plan with leads and administration to help support the enrichment in each classroom. Our lead teachers would not be able to foster individualized learning paths without the support of their assistants! We celebrate our classroom assistants for their patience, kindness and love that supports our environments each day.

Our Support Staff - From our interventionists, counselor, and service learning coordinator to our psychologist, OT and SLP providers - they help keep our students thriving and allow our teachers to have more time in the classrooms. These support staff have the ability to know and work with a large majority of our students. Their dedication and flexibility allow our school to grow each child at their own pace. We celebrate their unique roles and the support they bring to our students, staff and families everyday!

Our Administrators - We are very lucky with the group we have to support our staff. They are the ones who work behind the scenes to make sure that Island Montessori continues to be a place of growth, grace and courtesy, and development. We celebrate our administrators for their dedications, teamwork, and spirit.

As a reminder, we have some wonderful treats prepared for our staff this week. If you have time to send them a note - they always appreciate a thoughtful moment from a family member and/or student. Encourage our upper elementary students and middle school students to write a note to a previous teacher about a favorite memory or lesson - it will surely go a long way!

Thank you families for all you do to support our staff. We are truly lucky to have the community we have at Island Montessori!

Montessori Moment

Bridging Ceremonies

Our Bridging Ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that marks a significant period of growth in a child’s life. Students who are transitioning from one level to the next are honored for the person they are and the growth they have made. The bridge is a concrete representation of crossing into a new stage of development. As students cross the bridge, they are welcomed by a teacher from their next level. These ceremonies are beautiful moments for our school community. .

The dates and times listed below(Upcoming dates and events) are for all students bridging from one level to another.

Lower Elementary Bridging is for our third years that are bridging to Upper Elementary.

Upper Elementary Bridging is for our sixth years that are bridging to Middle School

Middle School Bridging is for our 8th years that are bridging to High School.

Kindergarten Bridging is for our Kinders that are bridging to Lower Elementary.

The ceremonies will be at our Outdoor Classroom. We have some benches but feel free to bring a chair. It typically is quite warm and there is no shade so please dress for warm weather, sunscreen, water, etc.


Dress Code

With warmer days, brings the conversations around school dress code. Our biggest concern is our learning environments. All students and staff should be comfortable and able to move around without revealing private areas. This is important for all students regardless of age or gender. No one should feel uncomfortable based on what others are wearing, therefore creating a distraction to the learning environment.

We are aware of style trends that include longer shirts/sweatshirts but please help administration by making sure it is clearly evident that your student has on a shirt and shorts.

Please use the button below to review the dress code with your students.


Every year we face the week of EOG testing with determination and kindness. Our goal for our students is growth. We are proud of what we do everyday and we know our students are growing. We do not put all of our focus into these tests but we do support the knowledge needed for our students to show growth each year.

The information below is test dates for the grade levels that are required to participate in EOGs.

We ask families to have some time to talk with your students about the upcoming tests. Remind them that it is one data point on one day and it surely does not define them as a learner. Encourage them to take their time and use the tools provided to support their work. It is important for them to get a good night's sleep and to eat a good breakfast the morning of their tests.

EOG Dates:

Reading EOG, Grades 3-8


Math EOG, Grades 3-8


Science EOG, Grades 5 & 8 only


Grade 3 Read To Achieve

Upcoming Events


We were able to reschedule our Work on Wilmington project! Please consider signing up for an hour or two, or more if you can. Students are allowed to attend. They must be working and supervised by the parent/family member.
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