All About Me

Grace Barlow

Where was I born?

I'm not exactly sure where I was born, but I have lived in Kansas City Missouri ever since I was little. I was born on September 4, 2002 and I am currently 13 years old.

Who is my biggest influence?

My biggest influence would be my dad. I have always looked up to him, even if I have to overlook his faults. The main reason he is my biggest influence is because he helps me even when I don't want it. He boosts me up when I have troubles and fall. This is why he is my biggest influence.

What changed my life?

Something that changed my life has to be moving to where I live now when I was only in pre-school, I was about 4 years old. I had made my first friend only a year before and I hated leaving all of that behind. At the time I thought I would struggle at fitting in, partly because I was really shy. Only now do I know that it was the right thing to do and it impacted my life for the better.


Reasons people like me:

I don't really like doing this, it makes me feel like I'm bragging, but I need to get it out of the way. One reason is because I'm creative, I come up with the craziest things, but they still make since. The other reasons are because I'm random at times and because I'm friendly most of the time.

Facts about my family:

Currently the part of my family that lives in my house owns a total of 5 pets, including 3 dogs, one hamster, and my brother's parakeet. Also, sad but true, all the members in my family have some kind of medical issue except me (unless you count second-hand smoking).

What job I want in the future:

I actually am tied between two. I want to be a game designer, but I also want to be an architect.

My Favorite ___________ is...

Food: Tacos

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Song: Lean on Me

Book: I am Number Four - the entire series

Sport: Soccer

TV show: Zoey101

Color: Blue

Movie; I am Number Four

Animal: Owl

Holiday: Christmas

Subject: ELA / Writing

Candy: Dark chocolate

Activities: Hanging out with friends and family, reading, and playing games

Place: Home, with my friends and family