What you need to know!

Essential Performance Activity

In baseball you need many performance activitys. For instance for baseball you need to have balance as a pitcher. You need to be balanaced and stabilized during the motion. Say you are not a pitcher. You need power to be able to swing the bat hard and also you will be needing speed to get the bat around fast enough.


Agility and baseball

When it comes to agility and baseball you need this. You have to be able to move for groundballs and run for pop flys. For this you can have a weighted ball and run back and forth to build up the strength to move faster.

Balance and baseball

When it comes to baseball and balance pitchers mostly need this. When you are delivering the pitch you have to be able to balance on one foot while moving in one whole motion. For this you can practice standing on one foot for a extended amount of time. › Baseball › Baseball Drills & Tips Video Library


Coordination and baseball go hand to hand. If you are not cordinated you wont be able to throw a ball or swing a bat. Throwing more and swinging more will help you get more cordinated for the baseball games. › Sports and Fitness


To hit a ball hard or throw a ball hard you need power. Power allows you to be able to hit farther and throw harder. You can hit the gym to help with power to help you with your overall baseball ability. › Baseball › Baseball Drills & Tips Video Library


Say you hit a ball to the fence. Not having speed will not allow you to run and get a farther base. With speed you will be able to turn a single into a double a double into a triple and so on. This is why you must work on speed to help you gain extra base hits.

Mental Toughness

Bottom of the 9th 2 outs bases loaded 3-2 count winning 6-5 in a champoinship is going to cause so stress mentally. You must keep a good mindset and know you will win the game. Everything is on you so you have to be mentally strong. If you are not then there goes the game.


Having good nutrition is good for playing baseball. Say you eat a bunch of junk food before a game. You will be sluggish and not want to play. But say you eat a apple or a banana then you will be energetic and ready to play in the game.