Ariel the Moon

By: Katelyn Krueger


Ariel, the moon has many different features. It is the brightest moon in the Uranium system. The landscape on this moon has ridges and some rift valleys. It is also littered with many craters. The atmosphere is not detectable and it has no magnetic fields. This moon has two different sides. One side is water & icy while the other is rocky materials.


  • Discovered by~ William Lassell
  • Year discovered~ 1851
  • Diameter~ 719 miles
  • Distance from Uranus~ 118,800 miles
  • Rotational period~ 2 1/2 days


~They say it is the 12th of Uranus's moons

~Out of all of them, it is the 4th largest

~It was named after an airy spirit in Shakespeare's play, The Tempest


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