The Road to Perseverance

By: Catherine Sorensen

Topic Of the Week: Perseverance

How would you, in your own words define perseverance? I define it as never giving up, never letting adversities overwhelm you. "The way I Look at it is you can give up and let adversities win or you can persevere through these obstacles"

From Tumor to Triumph

Lauren Hill she was a just like any other teenage girl, after she was kicked off the soccer team Lauren moved on to basketball. During her time on the basketball she was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor and was only given about 2 years to live. Her dream before she died was to play on the college basketball team. She worked hard to graduate from high school and when that was over she would move on to college. Once she graduated she spent a lot of time and effort to make it on the team, she also emailed the school they agreed. The date for her was set, November was when her first game was. She had a conviction about curing brain tumors for kids, the doctors even asked if she can be the face of perseverance for kids with brain tumors like her. Lauren Hill was a tough player and put up a fight, in the end she triumphed through.

From Small Business to Giant Restaurant Chain

Tom and his brother borrow 900$ to open a pizza parlor in Michigan during his college years. Tom dropped out of college to run the full time business when his brother started deliveries. After a while Tom found a new partner and expanded into another pizzeria, when his partner got in a terrible accident, his lawyer told him to declare bankruptcy but Tom refused and owed his partner 20,000$. Then Fire burnt down original place and Tom's insurance only covered 13,000$ out of 50,000$, Tom had to separate from his partner because he was taking advantage of Tom and found a new partner. Tom would not give in, instead "I took these setbacks as learning opportunities. Afterwards Tom and his new partner now own the business we know today as Dominos pizza, and persevered.


Problem: Rose and her family just arrived in America, but Rose's father and brother have to go back to Ireland because Rose's brother has trachoma. Now Rose and her family have no man to support them so they find uncle patrick and is now staying with him and his snobby family. Uncle Patrick's family doesn't have any extra room's for Rose and her family to stay in. Later Rose and her family find out Uncle Patrick is Lutheran and doesn't know any Catholic churches around. Rose go to look for a job but Elsa won't let her work where she wants to. Rose and her family get kicked out of uncle Patrick's home and Uncle Patrick offers to pay for another apartment, Rose's mom refuses and says she wants to go back to Ireland. Uncle Patrick now pays for their tickets but Rose doesn't want to leave America.


First Rose and her family find uncle Patrick's home and settle in. After that Rose's mom offers to sleep in the parlor on the feather bed after Trudy and Gertrude (Uncle Patrick's Daughters) clean it. Next Rose's mom is furious because she has a conviction for Catholicism and drags Rose and her sisters to find a Catholic church. Then Rose finds a job so she sneaks out to bring her work home and her and her family work on it together. Another solution is when Rose and her family get to the docks Rose refuses to get on the boat and leave because she sees no future for herself in Ireland, she finally wins the battle and now is on her own with Maureen venturing in America

Hall of Fame

A lesson from Others

We can learn a lot from others adversities and triumphs. Like from Tom Monoghan we learned that we can use these adversities to our advantages. Or from 415 strong we learned that we cannot let these fears overwhelm us and keep us from accomplishing our dreams. We also learned from "Carry On" and Lauren Hill that medical problems cant stop us from success. We can learn a lot from others triumphs and adversities, including how to solve our own problems.