Briar Rose

Jane Yolen


A retelling of sleeping beauty. It also is an important story about the holocaust. Becca's grandma always would tell her about the story of Briar Rose. Becca promised her dying grandma something. If you want to know the promise you have to read the story.


The theme of my book is courage, because they will lead up to a remarkable journey. The characters in the book had hope in theme self. If the characters in the story did not have courage they would not be the same as they would be now. They made more things happen sense they had hope and courage. This is why courge is the theme of my book.

Research on the Holocaust

The Holocaust was state sponsored. During the holocaust six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. Nazi had power over Germany in January if 1933. In Europe 1933, the Jewish population was nine million Jews. The Germans and the Collaborators killed two of three European Jews. This was part of the Final Solution.

How the Holocaust was related in the book

The book was in between a retell of Sleeping Beauty and talking about the Holocaust. When you start getting to the end of the book it will start talking about the Holocaust and how many people died and kinda how they died. It also talks a little bit now and then about it. Mostly it was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The Holocaust was a main part in it to.


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