MCSD Athletics Day

for Craig Middle & High School Parents, Athletes & Coaches

Moffat County School District Athletics Day

Thursday, Aug. 3rd, 11am-7:30pm

900 Finley Lane

Craig, CO

Please eat lunch before attending.

Please dress in athletic clothes, shoes and bring a water bottle

The 2017-18 MCSD Athletics Day is for all athletes, coaches and parents (regardless of when you will be participating in a sport)

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Community Members Welcome

We are honored to bring in Guest Speakers from the Positive Coaching Alliance. The PCA has made its name by presenting more than 20,000 live workshops for youth and high school sports leaders, coaches, parents and athletes, who have called their workshop experience "transformative" and "life-changing."

ALL community members are welcome to attend the evening session at 6:30pm in the HS Auditorium. PCA’s mission is to make high school and youth sports a Development Zone™ to develop Better Athletes, Better People. Parents have an especially important role to play as a Second-Goal Parent® who helps their child become a Triple-Impact Competitor® who makes self, teammates and the game better.

Need more information...

Craig Middle School Athletic Director: Sara Linsacum 970-826-6358 or

Moffat County High School Athletic Director: Rich Houghton 970-826-6358 or