We Are Witnesses

Written by Jacob Boas (a real Holocaust survivor)

Written by Jacob Boas

Published by Square Fish

ISBN: 0312535678

Genre: Nonfiction


Five Jewish teenagers who had lived during the holocaust and gone to the camps have told us in their diary what life was like before the genoside, during, and at the very end of it. The five teens share one subject between them, hope. The minors tell of terror, customs, intelligence, existence, truth, and sorrow. The teenagers were struggling for life because of a war that wasn't even remotely fair. After reading We Are Witnesses I was very stressed about why being Jewish was even a problem for Hitler. There is no good reason.

This nonfiction book will open up the eyes of anyone who reads it. Although I found this book to be a little boring or slow at times it was still a good book for anyone who is interested. It will make you feel sad- no not sad- more than sad. It will make you wonder about the racism and anti-semitism today that will maybe even change your life. These teens share the sorrow in such a way that will make you cry but think about the past. Any teen who feels like they are out of place at school or at home will love this book. This book will be good for the young adult who likes to read about a physical and mental war.

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