Alexander's Venture

By: Elijah Keller


This book follows a reporter who retraces the steps of a man on his personal "odyssey". This man having had a successful childhood decides to leave it all behind and go on a trek across America with as little equipment as possible (including money) and unofficially changing his name to Alexander. Two years later (after graduating from college) his body was found in an abandoned bus in Alaska.

About Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer is an American writer who mostly publishes nonfiction, however he is also a writer for Outside magazine. He climbs mountains as a hobby, including Mount Everest which he later talks about in the book "Into Thin Air" during the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster with his group losing four lives.

How I Related to the Story

I was able to relate to this story because I do a lot of cold weather camping. This story interested me because Chris died in Alaska, so I was able to see where he messed up and made mistakes. The entire part of the story when Chris was in Alaska was my favorite part for these reasons.