Ancient Egypt News

Dirty News

silt-small particles of rich soil.

Nile's waters would rise in the spring.

The river carried silt.

This land was good for farming.

Rural life

fellahin- farmers in Egypt live live in villages and farm and rent land.

Half of people in Egypt live in rural areas along the valley. Many raise enough food to feed their families. Food left over will be sold at a bazaar.

Don't drink it!

Desalinization-process to make sea water drinkable

Saudis arabias government trying to get more money. They tried to grow more crops and then desalinization was a process to help them irrigate their crops.

Desalination Animation by Oceanit

Fastest Way!

In 1860's this canal was built by the Epyptians and Europeans. This canal was man made and separates the Sinai Peninsula. Ships pass through from Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea.
Suez Canal

Dried out news

Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. It's the same size as the United States. "Sahara means desert. The Sahara Desert stretches from North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate in the desert is very hot and has mild winters. Egypt has little rainfall.

You want some food?

Two percent of Egypt's land used for farming. Fertile Nile river valley is good farmland. Egypt's major crops are sugarcane, grains, vegetables ,fruits and cotton.