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Director's Newsletter

December 19th, 2017

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear Parents,

Term 2 has come to an end and we have many reasons to be proud of the progress our students have made thus far in the school year. It was wonderful seeing such meaningful student performances during the Winter Concert and Candle Lighting Ceremony. We're very grateful for all who were involved in making it memorable.

Students should also be proud of the hard work they put into final exams. Taking so many exams in such short period is no easy task. Following exams, students directed their relief and attention to the Student Council's White Elephant Gift event, which turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone. It was also fun to hear a group of exuberant students singing Christmas carols in the halls in the final days of the term! The community spirit is, indeed, alive and well at CDS Middle School.

Report Cards have been completed and mailed to your homes, so please check your mailboxes over the next few days. I hope all CDS students find time for some much deserved rest over the holidays.

Within this week's newsletter, you can enjoy Winter Concert and Candle Light highlights, information about Battle of the Books, an upcoming Spelling Bee, and our first ever student newspaper The Phoenix Feed.

Have a great Winter Break everyone!

Highlights from the Winter Concert

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CDS Candle Lighting Ceremony

The Candle Lighting Ceremony was a beautiful event this year with musical performance from all three divisions. One of the event highlights was the first public performance of our school song. The song was written and composed by high school senior Kyle Lee as his senior project. Kyle collaborated with high school music teacher Mr. Tolley, as well as each division director in order to teach the song to students prior to the Candle Lighting event.

Many thanks to Mr. Tolley, Ms. Van Liew, and Mr. Hill for organizing the event and Mr. Bray for capturing it all on video. We also want to thank our CDS parents for offering a delicious House breakfast for our students.

MS Select Choir performing at Candle Lighting Ceremony 2017
HS Choir performing at CDS Candle Lighting Ceremony 2017
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CDS MS Newspaper - The Phoenix Feed

We are so excited to publish the first ever completely student created MS Newspaper! Students in all grades have volunteered as editors, news reporters, reviewers, opinion writers, advertisers, cartoonists, feature writers, and regular columnists. They've produced some excellent work in this first issue. I hope everyone takes a moment to read through it during the winter break! You won't be disappointed. Find it on the MS website or click on the box below to download.

We're very proud of the enthusiasm students have shown this year for writing---with NaNoWriMo and now The Phoenix Feed. We owe a big thank you to Mr. Cavasin and Mr. Menzel for inspiring our students to develop their Critical Thinking, Curiosity, and Collaboration skills through the writing process.

Battle of The Books 2018 (5th Grade)

Dear students and parents,

We are so pleased that you will be joining Battle of the Books this school year!

As you know, practices will begin on Monday, January 8, 2018 and continue every Monday until the competition which will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Korea International School Pangyo.

Below is a list of all the books that will be used in the battle this year. Five of them are Morning Calm Medal nominees in the elementary chapter books category. Per competition rules, the other five book titles are being released today!

Students are required to read at least 4 books for the competition and are certainly encouraged to read them all.

The school library has several copies of each book; however, if you would like to purchase the books, they are available through bookstores such as What the Book? in Itaewon and Book Depository which ships books internationally from the U.K.

The full list of battle books is on the CDS Library’s website as well as being listed below.

Have a wonderful winter vacation and happy reading!

- Ms. Choo

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MS Spelling Bee Event Following the Winter Break

Hello middle school students! I’m Jenny Choi and I’m currently a senior. I’m writing this letter to let you guys know that a Spelling Bee contest will be coming up very soon which is hosted by me and Hyewon Hong!

All middle schoolers will be participating in this event and there will be three winners!!!! All winners will be getting points for their Dalton Cup teams and an award. The 1st place winner will be getting additional prizes of a crown and a bumblebee onesie.

There will be a preliminary round which will take place on January 11th during Long House. Students will be competing by grade and four candidates will be chosen for each grade to compete for the finals which will take place in January 22nd.

The only preparation you have to do is to make sure you know how to spell out the words provided in the list (see document linked below)

Further notice will be provided shortly, I hope everyone is excited! If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or Hyewon Hong! Thank you and have an awesome winter break!


Jenny Choi,

Hyewon Hong,

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Upcoming Events

1/8 - Term 3 Begins

1/11 Spelling Bee Preliminary Round

1/15 Volleyball / Table Tennis Season Begins

1/16 Term 3 Assembly