By:Michael and Weston


Did you know a megalodon has a body part that sticks out from its back ?I hope you like this information about the megalodon.


The megalodon lived about 30 million years ago.They lived in the oceans around the world.A megalodon can live in the sea.


Megalodons eat whales. They bit there food in to chunks with rows of serrated teeth. Megalodons swallowed the chunks hole.
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Megalodons were giant prehistoric sharks.They are about 50 feet long(15,meters)long.A megalodons teeth are as sharp as knives.
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Fun Facts

A megalodon tooth is as big as a mans hand. A megalodon is as big as a bus. A megalodon can swolow a man hole.


I hope you liked our information about megalodons.People are traving to the oceans and found megalodon teeth and started to research on it.
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