Fantastic Fabulous Flowers

by Ava

The different types of flowers

There are many different types of flowers. Flowers can be big or small and they come in many different colors. The three most common flowers are roses, sunflowers, and tulips. Roses sometimes grow on bushes. Many times people buy them for birthday gifts or table decorations because they have soft petals and they smell good. Sunflowers are also a popular type of flower. Sunflowers can be big or small. Some people even eat sunflower seeds. Tulips are another popular type of flower. Tulips are in the Lily family. Depending on what kind of tulip it is, the flower can be up to 4 in or 28 in tall. As you can see there are many different types of flowers.

The Life Cycle of a Flower

There are three steps to the life cycle of a flower. At first, the seed grows inside the flower. When the flower blooms, the seed pops out of the flower. After the seed pops out of the flower, the wind blows the seed to another place. Then the flower grows and blooms. After the flower blooms another seed grows inside the flower again. As you can see, the life cycle of flowers goes on and on and never ends.
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The Different Parts of a Flower

Some of the different parts of a flower are the egg, petals, and the stem. The egg is an inside part of the flower. If there was no seed, then another flower would not grow. The petals are important because they are what makes the flower smell good. The petals are also soft. The stem is the bottom part of the flower. The stem is also a way to tell if the flower is dead or in good shape. If the stem is brown, that means that the flower is dead. If the stem is green, that means that the flower is in good shape. As you can see, the three main parts of a flower are very important because they help keep the flower in good shape.
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Growing Flowers

Growing flowers is not so easy because you have to be very patient.There are many different types of flowers that you can grow. You can grow big flowers and small flowers, but they all take a lot of work and patience to grow. First, you have to start out with the flower seed so the flower can grow. You also need other things to help the flower grow, like dirt, water, sun, and wind. Then, you plant the seed in the dirt. You add a little water each day and over time the seed will turn into a flower. In conclusion, you need to be very patient to grow a flower.
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The Purpose of a Seed

The seed is the most important part of the flower because it makes the flower grow. The egg is important to the seed because the egg helps the seed grow. A seed also needs pollen to grow. As you can see, seed helps the flower grow.


  1. Pollen- Powdery, yellow stuff that grows on flowers and other plants
  2. Stem- The long green bottom part of a flower
  3. Blossom- The stage in the life cycle when the flower grows