Welcome to the LAVCA Family Issue#1

There are three issues of this Welcome Packet...

This will allow your family to prepare in segments for an AMAZING launch this school year!

We are thrilled that you have decided to school with us at LAVCA! We look forward to preparing you for a successful future through a virtual education enhanced by a rigorous curriculum and supportive learning environment, which is our school mission! Keep an eye out for regular communications from our staff as we strive to prepare your entire family for a great experience ahead! #LAVCApride

A Bit About LAVCA

Our School Offices and Contact Details:

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

4962 Florida Blvd.,

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone: 504-322-7543

FAX: 504-300-0806

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Welcome from Our Head of School: Danielle Scott-Johnson

Danielle Scott-Johnson is a native of New Orleans. She is a product of the Catholic school system and graduated from Xavier University Preparatory High School. In high school, Danielle found her passion for writing and love of Literature. She attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she graduated in English Education. Danielle’s educational career began as a substitute teacher due to being a fall graduate. Her teaching career began in East Baton Rouge Parish as a middle school ELA teacher, while working on her master’s degree in school administration immediately following undergrad. Danielle’s passion for teaching enabled her to design and implement curriculum for a financial education program as VP of Financial Literacy at LA DOTD Federal Credit Union. She later moved to an administrative role as Operations Manager with Fourth Sector Solution, Inc., where she acquired the knowledge to lead the operations team to start-up Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy. Currently, Danielle is beginning her 3rd year as Head of School at LAVCA. Danielle is excited about and embracing our corporate wide mission of “one year of growth for all students.” “Ready, Set, Grow!”

Meet K5 - 5th Grade Academic Administrator: Kim Jones

We are so excited that you have chosen Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy. Welcome to the LAVCA family. We look forward to serving and supporting your student through this academic journey. While your teachers should always be your first point of contact, I am also here to support our families as well!

Meet Our 6th - 12th Grade Academic Administrator: Cindy Perret

Welcome to the Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy family! We believe in the success of each student, and we are committed to seeing your student grow academically - as we work together with you! We look forward to what's in store for the upcoming school year.
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First 7 Steps to A Successful Launch at LAVCA....

Step 1: Attend a REQUIRED Parent Training Session.

Updated Parent Training Link (No Password Needed)

Please see the Parent Training Session Information before clicking link

Step 2: Set up Accounts and Check Materials and Hardware Shipping Schedules

Step 3: Logging Into the Online School

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Once your accounts are set up, you no longer log into the parent portal. You will then log into the OLS (online school). Remember to write down your LC and student login usernames and passwords in a safe place or even store them in your phone.
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Stay in the loop about all of the great things that are happening at LAVCA.

Step 4: Print/Save the LAVCA 2020-2021 Academic Calendar and Check email regularly for important events including our upcoming Virtual Orientations

Step 5: All New Students: We will need a Final Report Card and a Transcript for high school students. Additionally, all students should submit Drop/Withdrawal Forms from Previous School and IEPs and 504s as Applicable.

***Failure to submit these documents can delay course placement for new students.***

  • All documents EXCEPT 504 plans should be sent to the correct registrar below based on grade level. They should be sent with the following information in the subject line (NEWSTUDENT_Name of Document(s)_S.Smith).

K-7th: L. Williams Akinosho (lakinosho@lavirtual.org)

8th to 12th: C. Mullins (cmullins@lavirtual.org)

504 Plans
  • If your student has a 504 plan, you can fax it to the attention of Tara Ferguson, 504 Coordinator at tferguson@lavirtual.org

  • LAVCA Fax: 504-300-0806

Step 6: Getting a better understanding of Virtual School

What Is a Virtual School Day Like?

Watch these short videos to as you begin preparing for virtual school and see what a day looks like! Click HERE for the link.

What A Week Looks Like for K-5th Grades:

Mornings are spent in mandatory classes Monday through Thursday with teachers from approximately 9 am to 12 pm. The afternoons are typically spent with online and/or offline assignments with the support of the Learning Coach and any required remediation sessions with teachers. Fridays are spent participating in virtual outings opportunities and small groups as well as completing all assignments and academic expectations for the week.
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What A Week Looks Like for 6th to 12th Grades:

For upper grade levels, student schedules will vary throughout the day. Students can expect to be in class anytime from 8:30am to 3:00pm Monday - Thursday. Students spend part of the time in live classes and the other time is spent completing lessons and assignments with the assistance of a Learning Coach. Fridays are spent participating in virtual outings opportunities and small groups as well as completing all assignments and academic expectations for the week.
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Step 7: Connect with other LAVCA/K12 Families

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy at K12

Like our page HERE.

Attend Learning Coach Walk to Class

Walk to Class: Online School – session to prepare for school. Topics include navigating and understanding the resources in the Online School and K12 App, learning about Class Connects, and the Introduction to Learning course. This 60 minute session is hosted in Class Connect. All of the sessions will appear in the Learning Coach account "My Schedule" under "Events". Sessions are held multiple times throughout the week so you can choose the day and time that works best with your schedule.

Elementary Sign up link: https://bit.ly/WTC_OLS_Elem

Middle/High school Sign up link: https://bit.ly/WTC_OLS_MSHS

Walk to Class: Set Up for Success – session to prepare for a positive school experience. Discover organization tips, home management best practices, and how to connect and engage with other coaches and support programming. This 60 minute session is hosted in Class Connect. All of the sessions will appear in the Learning Coach account "My Schedule" under "Events."

Elementary Sign up link: https://bit.ly/WTCSUS_Elem

  • Sessions are held Mondays at 5 pm CT or Fridays at 9 am CT

Middle/High school Sign up link: https://bit.ly/WTCSUS_MSHS

  • Sessions are held Mondays at 6 pm CT or Fridays at 10 am CT

Connect with Learning Coaches from across the nation.

Learning Coach Cafe (All LC’s welcome):

Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and join us for an informal chat with other Learning Coaches! This is a great opportunity to ask others from throughout the nation their advice or tips, and offer your support and ideas. Let’s take a little break together and chat. Just sign up once to join any of the live sessions.

Registration Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/lc_cafe

Learning Coach Facebook Groups:

Have Questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!