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Vol 3.6

Welcome to Grewenow Elementary School: Virtual Edition!

Grewenow. We are Great; we are Growing!

General Announcements

We miss you!

The face to face school year may be called off, and students, staff, and families are not currently permitted into any school buildings...HOWEVER, there is still plenty of learning and fun taking place via the Grewenow online learning webpage and grade level Google Classrooms!

In future Gazettes, you will not only find information updates, but snapshots and highlights from each classroom including learning updates, lessons, and even some student work samples.

A few other notes:

  • Information about retrieval of student personal belongings will be coming.
  • Refund requests for trips paid (such as Phantom Ranch) have been initiated by the school office and the KUSD finance department will complete the process as timely as possible.
  • Information about the 5th grade end of the year celebration is also in the works.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Selleheim at 262-359-6251 or

Chromebook Pick-Up @ ESC

If you have yet to pick up the KUSD device you requested for your child, the pick up location is now the in the back of the Education Support Center (District Office) building at 3600 52nd Street. You may go to the ESC and pick up a device at the following time. If you need to request a device for pick up, please use this link to submit the form. Times the next few weeks are

Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:00 and 1:00-2:30

Facebook Connection

Families, please check us out on Facebook! We post family fun activities and other announcements on a daily basis.
Over the coming weeks, keep an eye out for interactive videos and other engaging messages.

Keeping Kenosha's Kids Safe

The following is a list of emergency numbers to call should any concerns regarding child welfare arise.
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Girl Scout Activity Links

The Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast have provided our students with extra enrichment materials for families to use during this time of quarantine and remote learning.

All activities are broken down by grade level, organizations such as museums and aquariums, and some general resources from the Girl Scouts.
We hope you find these resources helpful.



Early Education

Mrs. Velvikis, Mrs. Lesnik, and Mrs. Dietman have been keeping their learning going through the Classroom Dojo app and sharing video lessons and songs. There was also a fantastic online lessn about weather and clouds that featured this cloud video here. It's been so exciting to see students engaging in their learning at home through Dojo.


On Tuesday, an exciting and heroic opportunity for learning came from our Kindergarten team who shared a video reading of Eliot Jones' Midnight Superhero book and an organizer for students to help them understand what they read. It featured these questions:
  • Who was the main character in the story?

  • What happens in the story?

  • When does the story take place?

  • Where does the story take place?

  • Did you learn a lesson by the end of the story?

Also check out the images of activities below:


Grade 1

Check out the video on adding "ed" to words featured in one of the grade 1 assignments this week. Thety also posted a variety of Math Work places including the Doubles Plus or Minue One. Check it out below!

Grade 2

This week's grade two work featured a video on literary genres and students were encouraged to select a book series and spend at least 20 minutes each day reading. Tumble Books and Epic are great resources accessible through ClassLink and of course books from home. As you read consider the image on the right.

Grade 3

The grade 3 team is just one of a few grades who have held some virtual class chats via Google Meets (image left) in addition to the online activities being posting. Students have been sharing MadLib videos (an example of the prompt in the middle below). You can also have some fun finding how many squares in the picture below on the right.

Grade 4

4th grade has ventured into the world of Flipgrid, an online video platform where students can share, in closed discussion, their ideas and thoughts about a prompt from a teacher -for example a Book Club response discussion (left).

There is also a great link to Factmonster, a website for students to practice their math facts, in all four operations. (middle)

There has also been some social studies, nonfiction reading, courtesy of Scholastic News (below right).

Grade 5

Video math lessons have been posted online for students and families to listen, review and learn. There have been regular challenges through Kahoot in Social Studies (below is the image of the quiz featuring Presidents), and this week come excellent Root word activities for students in writing

Principal's Message

In case you missed it...

Mr. Sellenheim’s been reading, we hope you have too,

He did a book review video, recorded for you.

Watch the video first, and then click the link

Listen to the story and tell him what you think!

Mr. Sellenheim’s 1st Book Review
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