March Newsletter

Header Bidding....What is it and should you care?

Header bidding changes how publishers organize their waterfalls. Header bidding is a piece of code wrapped around the header of a website (not seen by consumers, completely back end code). As publishers adopt header bidding they will be able to tag certain PMP's as priority and invert the inventory waterfall placing PMP's above direct sold and guaranteed. Programmatic first waterfalls truly change the value dynamic from (assumed) cheap, low-tier inventory to TRUE premium.

Why this is interesting:

This potentially allows programmatic buyers to pick impressions from the entire pool of inventory instead of the bottom tier. This brings a new way to talk about programmatic to our clients and planning teams.

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New Private Marketplaces JUST FOR YOU


2016_GM_Amnet_eHow en Espanol_Mobile Web_320x50_$3.50 Floor

2016_GM_Amnet_eHow en Espanol_970x250_$9.00 Fixed

2016_GM_Amnet_eHow_970x250_$10.50 Fixed

2016_GM_Amnet_eHow_Mobile Web_320x50_$3.00 Fixed


2016_GM_Amnet_Synacor_970x250_$8.00 Fixed


2016_GM_Amnet_Spotify_Desktop_728x90_$3.00 Floor


2016_GM_Amnet_Hearst_Womens Int & Family_RON Desktop_$12.50 Floor

2016_GM_Amnet_Hearst_Hispanic_ROS Desktop_$11.00 Floor

Programmatic News

If anything below is of immediate interest or if you have any questions regarding the information please reach out.



Ad Blade - similar to Outbrain recommendation widget

Solve Media - CAPTCHA display and branding

* 300x250's repurposed to fit their specs

* designed to be used when articles are shared, click-to-play video etc


* Pre-roll (bought on CPM or CPs)

* Display

* Video (non-pre roll)

* Mobile Swipe unit

How to Access:

* Rubicon GO or Managed Service

The Good Stuff

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the teams for utilizing the new status doc! Hopefully it is helping you keep track of the requests you submit as well as the communication along the way. I appreciate your patience and understanding with the turnaround time.

Helpful Links

PMP Master Doc

New PMP Request/Status Doc