Gymnasts Weekly

By:Michelle Kemp

Gabby Douglas Making Her Way To The Top

Who was the first ever African American women to win gold in the gymnastics Olympics? Gabby Douglas of course! Gabby Douglas was inspired by Dominique Dawes. Her older sister took gymnastics and Gabby would practice with her at their house. Gabby's battle to become the best gymnast started at age six. Gabby finally joined a gymnastics group but at fourteen threatened to give up gymnastics if she didn't move to west Des Moines to train with Liang Chow. So she moved to Des Moines and at age sixteen was eligible to compete in the Olympics.

Gabby took silver at beams in the U.S. Junior Nationals. the voted "Most Memorable of 2012 Olympics" included Jessica Enis, Douglas, and the Fierce Five. Gabby was included in the Fierce Five team so Gabby was voted for both of that award. Not only did Gabby win gold at the olympics but she is also the youngest to ever win gold in the Olympics. Douglas was also an example of how the Olympics on how everything and nothing has changed. Gabby isn't stopping there though.

Gabby is desperate to make a difference on two things, women being in the Olympics and bullying. Because of gabby more and more women are being sent to the Olympics and being provided to enter for more events. To prove her point she showed how at London 2012 men had a chance at entering 163 events but women only 131. She is also making a difference about bullying. Gabby tells Oprah that she felt bullied on her team in West Virginia and that is part of what made her move to Des Moines with Liang.

Chows Gymnastics & Dance Institue

Where did two of the most famous U.S. gymnasts train? Chows Gymnastics and Dance Institute in West Des Moines, Iowa. The exact spot where Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas both trained for the Olympics. The owner Chow practiced gymnastics since he was five. His love for gymnastics is the reason he opened the institute and became an instructor. On August 3, 1998 Liang Chow opened his Gymnastics and Dance institute. When he first saw the gymnasium his first goal was to get people to notice it.

The gym was definitely noticed by younger students. Students encouraged there friends to join because they said there is more laughter than there is scowls. Chows laughter is what drew Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas to training with Chow. "He brings out what we didn’t know we had inside." Douglas says. A typical day in the gym includes dozens of all aged gymnasts cycling through sessions in their teams.

There are eleven professional teams. The level four girls team has the most members at a total of fourteen children. There are boys teams as well with thirteen boys attending total. The teams compete once a week and are required to get twenty hours of training in each week before competition otherwise they are off the team. So, will you be training at Chows Gymnastics and Dance Institute next?

Horoscopes for 2015!!

The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), it may seem a hectic year. With Pluto still in Capricorn, there are days of discomfort or displeasure for everyone, but you are best suited to deal with them and put aside days for rest and refuge. There should be few obstacles to obtaining and keeping what you need and want, but you can still get what you want if your pursuit is direct enough.

If the action is more high-paced than you like, you can patiently observe and act at the correct moment. 2015 starts with the Moon in an Earth Sign (Taurus). It's a gift that can make other people more accessible and easier for you to read.

For Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), 2015 will feel natural, if not very comfortable. Your challenge is to avoid getting scattered and then fail to sufficiently narrow down your primary goals. Focus, and work away, so that none of your valuable energy goes up in smoke.

This year Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all have retrograde periods in Fire Signs, giving you built-in breathers so you don't burn out. With Uranus still in Aries, there will be ample chances to surprise the world, and to surprise yourself. Be bold but not reckless. Sometimes it's wise to hold back and see what good things randomly find you.

For Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) have the perfect year to think things through, to network, organize and motivate others. All three of the Mercury retrograde periods happen in Air Signs. This allows you to pinpoint where you apply your passions and to think and act with more precision than ever before. In a fiery, fast year, make the most of these slightly slower, more thoughtful times.

You may be busier and more involved with groups this year, and you may take on more responsibilities. The year starts with Mars in an Air Sign, and you should have energy to spare all year long.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) can turn up the heat and make intense progress in an inconspicuous way. Be dedicated and feel deeply about what you do, then look back on a year of long-lasting achievements.

Keep those passions perking and don't be lulled into dozing off and losing precious days, or weeks - a hazard of Neptune in Pisces. If you think you're in danger of drifting off into dreamland, keep lists or check in with friends. Instead of feeling left behind, you can calmly, quietly move ahead of the pack this year.

This is a year full of vim and vigor. Pace yourself if necessary, and get the most out of every day. Feel good about your progress and know that you've earned it!

Read your personalized horoscope (click on your sign's icon) for a more detailed view of how to keep your 2015 fired up and on track. Then click the link below for a much more in-depth premium forecast from Astrocenter.

The Six Best American Gymnasts of all Time

1. Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller was, quite simply, a stud. She won two back-to-back world all-around titles in 1993 and 1994, and earned the all-around silver in the 1992 Olympics.

2.Nastia Liukin

Nastia Liukin could also make a case for herself as the top American gymnast of all time. After all, she did win the Olympic all-around gold, the one medal Miller never did. And Liukin had an incredibly illustrious career, that included five total medals at the Beijing Olympics (silver in team, bars, and beam; bronze on floor; and that all-around gold).

3. Simone Biles

Simone Biles has only competed in two world championships, but she's won them both!

4. Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is arguably the most popular US gymnast of all time, and she's also one of the most decorated. Johnson won three golds in her world championships debut in 2007 (all-around; floor; team) and then won four medals at the 2008 Olympics, including silvers in the all-around, floor, and team, and a gold on beam).

5.Dominique Dawes

Dawes competed in three Olympics, and is a four-time Olympic medalist (two team bronzes, one team gold, and one bronze on floor exercise).

6. Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas may well have had the fastest rise to the top of any American gymnast. The super-talent was the youngest competitor at the 2011 worlds and originally an alternate for team USA, but she ended up fifth all-around in preliminaries (she didn't advance to the finals due to the two-per-country rule), fifth on bars, and helped the US team win gold.