Kindergarten Hoppenings

Ms. Williams' class December 12th, 2014

Reminders and Upcoming Events

December 8-19th PTO Snack Drive

December 18th - Winter Music Program 1:10 and 6:30 pm

December 19th-Polar Express Day!

December 19th- Last day of school before winter break

January 5th-return to school

January 15th - End of the 2nd Nine Weeks

January 19th - MLK Jr. Holiday - No School

January 20th-Teacher workday-no school for students

Now that they weather is getting colder, please send your child with a coat, hat and gloves/mittens for recess. Unless it is below freezing or a strong windchill we do go out for recess and sometimes PE.

Please remember to check your child's homework/notes folder daily

Polar Express Day-December 19th

Kindergarten will be having a Polar Express Day on Friday, December 19th! We will read the story, watch the movie, have a snack and wear our PJ's to school. This will be a fun way to celebrate the upcoming winter holidays!


We finished up our 5 senses unit this week. The students used the mystery box to feel different shapes and objects and then guessed what they were. Also they will taste salty, sweet, sour and bitter foods and graph which taste they like the most. They are learning to use sensory words when describing objects.


We have been practicing skip counting during math time. We are learning to count by 10's and 5's to 100. Also we would like the students to be able to count by 1's to 100 and backward from 20 as well. If your child can already do this, they are learning to count past 100 using these number patterns. Skip counting is a fun skill to practice at home or even when riding in the car!
Counting By Fives Song


The students are working hard during word study time. This is a rigorous part of their learning. They are working on two letter sounds, word families and blending and segmenting words. These concepts help them in their writing as well as reading. They participate in different activities, such as sorting words and pictures, generating their own words and playing word games. They are doing well progressing in their word study skills.


Today during math time, the children sorted 3-D (solid) and 2-D (flat) shapes. We also went on a 3-D shape hunt in the classroom. The children discovered that the globe and ball where spheres, the TV was a cube, the kleenex box was a rectangular prism, and the tip of the flag was a cone! This is a fun activity to try at home too!


Today we used google earth to begin learning about maps. The students enjoyed seeing our school, our town, state, Disney world, the beach and even the north pole! We had fun zooming to these different places and seeing them from above. We discussed the concept of a "bird's eye" view. We also talked about the differences between the land and water. We will be exploring maps and globes more next week, when we learn about winter holidays around the world.

Websites that we use! free online coloring username-crozet; password-star (only can be accessed until 5:00pm) learning site for all content areas reading website reading website (click on the link and then click on your child's name) password: crozetk2014

Apps that we use!

Touch write

Letter School

Tizzy Alphabet letters

Sparky the Fire Dog

Glow draw

Geo boards