New Year's Eve Dinner

Co-Op Gourmet Meal and Spirits Sampling

The special night is almost upon us!

The theme this year is New Orleans!

Each Couple is responsible for a single dish oriented around your assigned meal position. The food should be small plate presentation "Tapas" style, with an individual serving for each person. If you are unfamiliar with Tapas Style platting follow this link for a description-

Here is the dinner order and assignments:

  • Renee and Eric- Charcuterie Platter for a starter
  • Becca and Nick- Salad
  • Audrey and Danny- Soup
  • Jean and Jim-Potato Dish
  • Nicole and Jimmy- Pasta Dish
  • Renee and Dave- Poultry Dish
  • Jean and Steve- Surf and Turf
  • Chrissy and Mark- Dessert

Feel free to bring a bottle of wine to accompany your offering. We will have some beverages here already. We have 3" plates, small bowls, silverware and napkins. If you feel the need to get creative with your presentation, bring what you will need for your dish. We will have palate cleansers and a few specialty cocktails to enhance the experience.

A new feature this year has been added to the agenda - The Saran Wrap Ball! If you wish to participate, each couple should bring to share a saran wrap gift ball filled with your choice of goodies. Some suggestions are candy, small liquor bottles and anything else you can think of with your dirty little minds! Please see the below link for details-

Guthrie's Gastronomic Get-together!

Thursday, Dec. 31st, 6pm

2130 Nand Drive

Yuba City, CA