Countywide Transition Committee

CWTC: March 29, 2016

Goodrich High School: Transition Program

Amy Posey, Special Education teacher; brought several students, a paraprofessional and a peer mentor. They shared details about their transition class and the in-school business they are operating. Each student talked about what the program has meant to them.

Initiative Group Work

Our morning session included time for each group to prepare for their presentation to community agencies. Three of the groups took the opportunity to rehearse their presentation and receive feedback from the group.

SPP 13: Secondary Transition Data Collection

Steve Polega presented to the group regarding updates for this year's data collection. He reviewed the checklist and the new language. Steve also reminded of the importance of individualizing the transition plan to help the student reach their postsecondary goals.

Community Mapping

In the afternoon session, individuals and small groups worked on community mapping. This activity focused on identifying potential businesses for work-based learning in the school district/community.

Community Agency Connection

It has been determined that we will make the connection with community agencies at one of our meetings next year (2016-2017 school year).


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