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The Exciting Month of October

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October is the tenth month of the year in the modern day Gregorian calendar. It was also the tenth month in the earlier Julian calendar. The name October is derived from Octo, which means eight in Latin. It dated back more than 2000 years to the ancient Roman calendar, which was replaced by the Julian calendar in 45 BCE.

October is considered to be the most powerful spiritual month of the year. With the number ten at the helm, it is bound to be a month of activity and endless opportunity with great rewards if seized upon. October is a month where the saying "what goes around comes around" rings true, karmic spiritual energy of correcting wrongs and doing rights.

This is the time when we delve deep into our inner self-spiritually. We might also feel haunted sometimes during this month. We may feel the presence of something around us. Nonetheless, the aura is filled with energy that makes us feel more alive. It is said that in this month, the spirits roam around us in a more prevalent manner than the other eleven months we have.

Down Time

Autumn is the "cooling off" month right between the blazing summer and chilling winter. When the cooler temperatures of fall start rolling in, saying goodbye to summer is not hard to do. Autumn is a great time to break out the jackets, coats, boots, scarves and hats in preparation for the change in season. It's also the perfect time to start making hot cocoa and lighting a fire in the fireplace. This season creates the perfect setting for a sense of comfort, warmth and reflection. It's also great time to go camping or fishing or take a road trip or anything else where you can spend quality time with family while eating good food.

Autumn is also a part of the jam-packed holiday season. There's the back-to-school rush, Halloween, and Thanksgiving before rolling into winter and Christmas. And these aren't just regular old holidays. These are all very involved, family-centered holidays.

Autumn is the season to be thankful and to be surrounded by the people you love. It's the perfect time to change up your decorations by adding orange, red and yellow colors and to pull out the spice-scented candles.

The holiday season encourages you to spend time thinking about what you and your family have been through in the last year as well as the memories you've made together while looking forward to a new and exciting year.

Another reason I love the holidays is the food. You'll generally eat far better food during this season than you will during the rest of the year.

September was a fast month for our family. With the start of school the month before it took us into the daily routine of homework and studying. Our son had lots of questions regarding middle school along with the anxiety of moving from elementary to middle school. Learning how to make new friends and remembering what a good friend entails. He joined a running club at school. They meet twice a week and at the end of the program will run in a 5K marathon. We watched the Harvest Moon come and go and as we rode into the mountains we saw harvest taking place and was reminded of the beauty and hard work that comes with it. National Family Meals Month was the month of September. This is a month where families are encouraged to sit down and have dinner as a family at least a few days a week. We managed to do just that. What a wonderful way to renew the spirit of family and become more cohesive and emotionally close. It is also a way for children to exhibit pro-social behavior such as sharing, fairness and respect. All said September was a hot month in our part of the country and we are awaiting the cooler fall weather that lies ahead.

With Love,

The Magic of Flowers


The Marigold is said to have derived its name from “Mary’s Gold”, taken from the fact that early Christians placed flowers instead of coins on Mary’s altar as an offering. This flower is often used in festivities honoring Mary. The marigold is likewise associated with the sun - being vibrant yellow and gold in color. The flowers are open when the sun is out. The marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and even creativity. It is also said that marigolds symbolize cruelty, grief and jealousy. It can mean to show strong passion, being associated with the legendary brave and courageous lion. Its Victorian meaning, desire for riches, is probably consequent to the legends of the flower being Mary’s gold, depicting coins.


The word cosmos originally comes from the Greek language and it represents love and beauty and literally means harmonized/balanced universe. Cosmos flower comes in many vibrant colors and has a deep and sensual fragrance that send off a message of love and peacefulness. Opposite from most of the other flowers, the Cosmos flower has a short, but interesting history. There is a legend that the Cosmos flower got its name by a Spanish priest who developed these flowers in mission gardens of a monastery. The priest noticed how symmetrical and aligned petals of the Cosmos flowers were so that he decided to name them by Greek name for the ordered universe – cosmos.

October Horoscopes


Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius. In astrology, a broad description of those who are born under these signs are calm, rational, and detached when dealing with situations. The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales and is associated with the Roman deity lustitia. According to the writer Manilius, Roman judges are born under the sign of Libra.

The Moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded and this was based on the historical passage, which state "qua condita Roma". Everything was balanced under this righteous sign. Manilius once said that Libra was the sign "in which the seasons are balanced". Both the hours of the day and the hours of the night match each other. Thus why the Romans put so much trust in the "balanced sign". Going back to ancient Greek times, Libra the constellation between Virgo and Scorpio used to be ruled over by the constellation of Scorpio. They called the area the Latin word "chelae", which translated to "the claws" which can help identify the individual stars that make up the full constellation of Libra, since it was so closely identified with the Scorpion constellation in the sky.

According to the tropical system of astrology, the Sun enters the sign of Libra when it reaches the northern autumnal equinox and the southern vernal equinox, which occurs around September 22. Libra is said to be compatible with Aquarius since they share a sense of fairness and curiosity for design


Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Scorpius. It spans 210°–240° ecliptic longitude. Under the tropical zodiac (most commonly used in Western Astrology), the Sun transits this sign on average from October 23 to November 22. Under the sidereal zodiac (most commonly used in Hindu Astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 15. Depending on which zodiac system one uses, an individual born under the influence of Scorpio may be called a Scorpio or a Scorpion.

Scorpio is one of the three water signs, the others being Cancer and Pisces. It is a fixed, negative sign. In ancient times, Scorpio was associated with the planet Mars. After Pluto was discovered in 1930, it became associated with Scorpio instead. Scorpio is associated with three different animals: the scorpion, the snake, and the eagle (or phoenix). The snake and eagle are related to the nearby constellations of Ophiuchus and Aquila. Scorpio is also associated with the Greek deity Artemis, who is said to have created the constellation Scorpius. Scorpio's colors are deep red, maroon, brown and black.

Tarot of the Month


In the month of October, we see love, adventure and wisdom. The cards are broken up in the first ten days, the next ten days, and the last eleven days. First up we have the Queen of Cups which often represents a nurturing woman in your life. She could be your wife, your mother, or even someone you connect with on an emotional level. She is extremely good to turn to at this time and will be loyal should you confide in her. You may experience emotional difficulties or problems in relationships. The Queen of Cups could simply be the person who cooks you a warm meal and offers you a listening ear in a time of conflict. In the next ten days, we see the Heirophant. This card represents going back to school, learning a new concept or trade. It could also mean learning new tools within your current profession or job. There is a profound need for structure and routine in your home life and life in general. This is definitely a time when you need conformity rather than impulsiveness in your life. The six of Swords is a time of regret and transition. Results are happening from past decisions that you or others have made and not everybody is necessarily happy about it. Sometimes we feel pushed into doing something or letting go of someone or something that perhaps we were not ready to. Other times we are not ready for change. Do not dwell on the past or the decisions that have been made, rather focus on the future and don’t be afraid of what’s to come. Positivity will stem from your current circumstances and you are about to begin a new phase in your life. A blessed autumn to all!

Honoring Yourself


Honoring yourself:

Beauty and the Beast of Betrayal

I remember the first time I felt betrayal. It was 4th grade, and my best friend asked my crush to couple skate with her at our local skating-rink on a wild, 10 year old’s Friday night. As they skated hand-in-hand I hid in the bathroom hoping my mother would arrive to randomly pick me up early.

Coincidentally she did. What I know to be true is that in life there are no coincidences. Coincidences are Spirit helping us and guiding us.

I am not surprised that my first feeling of betrayal is also the first time I can consciously remember Spirit showing up as my aide.

How we feel about things is merely perspective. I meet with clients navigating the lowest of human emotions: pain, grieve, loss, sadness, but my perspective is that the human emotion of betrayal is the worst.

Why? Because betrayal teaches us not to trust ourselves. Its human nature to be skeptical of others when we are first introduced to them, but betrayal vibrates differently because only those we have allowed in, and trust can betray us. After the betrayal we are left thinking, “Wow! Was I really that stupid?”

However, there are benefits to betrayal. Betrayal provides us with an opportunity to fully understand our standards and expectations. We are given the opportunity to take someone’s motivators, and intentions at face value, and then decide how we will move forward. It gives us an opportunity to take control of our life.

Betrayal is traumatic, it’s the nature of the beast. However, the beauty is that the trust of oneself comes from moving forward. Your resiliency after pain is the sure sign you’ve got your own back.

Spiritual Practices


At last, we come to my favorite time of the year!

October is symbolized by prosperity, fertility, wealth and peace.

Although Halloween (Samhain) is the very last day of the month, it is the very thing that gives October a one up on other months. Samhain is the Wiccan New Year. It symbolizes the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It is a time for renewal and spiritual intention-setting.

It is the day that the veil is the thinnest between the physical and spiritual realm. It is a perfect day to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over. It is traditional to honor your deceased love one's by setting a place for them at the head of your table. Food is also left outside for wandering spirits. Traditional foods for this day are apples which represent death and pomegranates which represent life, muffins, cakes, ale, wine and cider.

Samhain is a good night for all types of divination, séances, banishing’s, regressions and clearing obstacles. It is a time for personal reflection and recognizing our faults and flaws and creating a method to rectify them.

Enjoy this day by decorating your home with fall flowers such as marigolds and sunflowers, pumpkins, dried leaves and acorns and apples. Set out pictures of your loved ones that you wish to remember. Burn incense such as nutmeg, sage, mint and heliotrope.

Have fun, tell stories around a fire, sing, dance, wear a costume, do a divination ritual such as scrying or casting rune stones, sit outside, appreciate nature and reflect.



Finding meaning and purpose may be a lifelong process that evolves based on unique circumstances, individual experiences and global events. Along with the other dimensions of wellness, a person’s level of spiritual wellness often fluctuates throughout their life. It is natural to experience a variety of emotions along the path to spiritual wellness – both positive (hope, forgiveness, acceptance, and joy) and negative (doubt, fear, disappointment, conflict).

Spiritual wellness has the power and capability to make our decisions and choices easier, ground us during periods of change and give us the resiliency to survive with grace and inner peace in the face of adversity. Having a spiritual element in our lives may even help us heal when suffering from a physical or mental condition.

Personal Reflection

Take a moment to assess your own spiritual wellness by asking yourself the following questions.

1. What gives my life meaning and purpose?

2. What gives me hope?

3. How do I get through tough times? Where do I find comfort?

4. Am I tolerant of other people’s views about life issues?

5. Do I make attempts to expand my awareness of different ethnic, racial and religious groups?

6. Do I make time for relaxation in my day?

7. Do my values guide my decisions and actions?

Practice Spiritual Wellness

When striving to develop and practice your own spiritual wellness, it is best to find the technique and approach that works for you; similar to the other dimensions of wellness, there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Your journey to spiritual wellness may involve the following:

· Practicing meditation or yoga

· Praying or taking part in organized religion

· Spending quiet time alone pondering the meaning of life

· Building awareness through journaling

· Serving your community, spending time in nature, appreciating music and the arts

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