Carey Price

A leader and true inspiration for First Nation communities.

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Carey Price is a Canadian NHL goaltender and gold-medalist who plays for the Montreal Canadiens. He has represented Canada at multiple events including the 2007 IIHF World Junior Championships and the 2014 Winter Olympics both in which he received gold medals. Price is of First Nation decent from his mom's side as she was formerly the chief of the Ulkatcho First Nation government in British Columbia. Carey Price grew up near a reserve in Anahim Lake where he would spend his childhood skating on frozen creeks and dreaming about playing in the National Hockey League. Price was the first goaltender in history to receive all four of the most prestigious NHL awards in one season. Carey Price has also been named "top goaltender" and "most valuable player".

Not all leaders wear letters

As many people may know, the NHL doesn't permit goaltenders in becoming captains. They are not literally and publicly displayed as leaders. Although Carey Price doesn't wear a "C" or an "A" on his jersey, his actions and persona truly define him as a leader. Not only is he viewed as a positive and influential individual on ice, but he is also seen as a role model in communities across Canada. His name can be heard through the chants of fellow First Nations youth in Anahim Lake, the place where he spent his childhood days.
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Carey Price is an individual who has stayed absolutely true to himself and his culture. He has described himself as a country boy at heart who is proud of his First Nation heritage. Many First Nations children do not receive the same opportunities as others in Canada. In many cases dreams just stay dreams. Price had proven the unlikely wrong by making it big in his career. His hard work has made him one of the most recognized goalies in the NHL. To this day, he is always making sure that his people get the chance to be heard.

Due to the fact that Carey Price is one of the most accomplished First Nations athlete, he is a huge role model and icon for aboriginal youth. He is heavily involved with First Nation communities and is always looking out for his people. Price takes on the responsibility of giving back to communities just like his and encouraging them to take every opportunity they are given and making the most out of it. Price is an FNMI ambassador and proud supporter of the Breakfast Club of Canada, an organization that empowers and engages participants in being active leaders in the community, and providing food to children and teenagers. Carey Price is an inspiration and spokesperson for First Nations youth and children just like him who dream about making it to the NHL. He has given hope to many individuals who believe if Carey can do it, then so can they.

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Actions that prove his leadership

Carey Price is a humble and caring individual. He has thought about his past while living in Anahim Lake and how he was lucky enough to make it to the NHL. Although he is recognized as one of the greatest goalies and has received many awards, Price has never forgot where he came from. He has gone out of his way to ensure FNMI people are given the same opportunities as others. He personally scheduled charity games and met with First Nations fans including a child named Trent from Anahim Lake with the help of the Breakfast Club of Canada. In the video which documented Trent's experience meeting Price, it is evident how much of a difference he has made in their lives and how much he cares about his people. Carey has also dedicated his most prestigious award, the Vezina Trophy to First Nations youth. He was emotional as he said, "I would really like to encourage First Nations youth to be leaders in their communities. Be proud of your heritage, and don't be discouraged from the improbable." His words were meaningful as he received tremendous support from aboriginal groups through social media. Price speaks as a representative of the First Nation community. He personally sent out condolence letters to the Cree families of those who lost loved ones in a severe cabin fire. Carey has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations like the Breakfast Club of Canada. Lastly Price has defended hunting, a part of their culture which at the end of the day allows families to have food on their table.
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Carey Price wins the Vezina Trophy
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Carey Price: Mandela's 8 Lessons of Leadership

Courage is not the absence of fear - It's inspiring others to move beyond it.

Price had dreams about playing hockey but it was said that 'children like him' probably wouldn't have the opportunity to. It was improbable that he would ever make it to the big league and although many children feared the future, Carey wasn't discouraged. When he's on ice and is facing a tense game, he stays calm and shows a focused side although he may be feeling stressed and even scared over the possible outcome. Every human has fears but when you are a big role model, you have to seem calm and collected to inspire people. The First Nations youth would think that if Price was that brave and determined in a playoff game for instance, then they can be courageous too when facing their own challenges.

Lead from the front - but don't leave your base behind

When being a leader you need your support group to constantly have your back. Price is a spokesperson for FNMI youth and he has done a lot to encourage and inspire them. There is no doubt that he is heavily supported from these people as they take pride in wearing his jersey and cheering him on during games. Although Carey moved away from his childhood community, his name is proudly placed under the sign of Anahim Lake. While Price leads and raises awareness, his supporters stick by his side.

Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front

As a leader one has to motivate and inspire others. By being an active supporter and FNMI ambassador for the Breakfast Club of Canada, Price has encouraged children and teenagers to take action and show pride for their heritage. He has inspired them to never be discouraged and to take every opportunity that is given to them. He has given them the confidence to become leaders in their own communities and to chase out their dreams. Also by dedicating his Vezina Trophy to these children, he gave them hope and let them believe that they are in charge of their future and that anyone can be successful.

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