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Greetings from your franchise coach,

Lot's has been happening in the world of franchising. Natalie Barns, president of Business Alliance, Inc. and I traveled to Las Vegas and attending the International Franchise Convention in February. We made some great connections, attended some amazing seminars and discovered some great tools that we are excited to start using.

I am happy to report that the franchise industry is alive and well. Our industry has been growing and companies like Google, Linkedin and Facebook are eager to find ways to make it easier for our industry to use their services. Did you know that the franchise industry is the largest employer in the country?

We do have some work to do because the National Labor Relations Board moved to upend decades of law and practice by issuing a complaint against McDonald's saying that it should be considered a ‘joint employer’ with its franchisees. Please read the detailed article I have included in my newsletter. We all need to do our part and tell our Congressmen & Senators that this is NOT OK.

My other news is that I got certified as a coach to use the Taylor Protocol's Core Values Index Assessment tool. The CVI is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values in a forced choice format, to gain unequivocal insight into the innate nature of the person. Since the CVI is comprised of only positive values, no such negative disclosure is required, and no context is provided. The CVI provides a 94% repeat-score reliability, year over year . Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%. This is several orders of magnitude improvement - which shows that not only are we capturing the innate, unchanging nature of people, but also that the instrument is accurate and valid.

I will give you an opportunity to take the assessment if you would like. I am sure you will find the results amazing. Curious? Take the BAI Assessment for yourself to see. Click Here

As always, it is my pleasure to be of service to you.

Have a GREAT month.


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Why a Haircut Made This Entrepreneur Decide to Become a Franchisee Entrepreneur’s Q&A Interview

Close to half of all Sport Clips Haircuts franchisees make the decision the same way – after getting a haircut at the franchise, or talking to a current stylist or franchisee. Nate Lehmann is one of franchisees who did just this. After a quality haircut while trying to decide what type of business to open, Lehmann decided to open a Sport Clips location. Here's what he has learned since entering the haircutting business and how he's solved the challenges the industry has presented him.

Franchise owned: Three stores in Duluth, Minn.

How long have you owned a franchise? Two years

Why franchising? Franchises contain the vital fundamentals needed to operate a successful business. Brand recognition, marketing, infrastructure/business operating systems, coaching, training and support. Click below to read more....

Women Dominating Predominantly Male Industries by David McKinnon

For women considering franchise business ownership in a predominantly male industry, there are several real and perceived roadblocks that one must overcome to succeed. Below are five ideas to help overcome these obstructions utilizing tips and stories from three of the top-performing owners in traditionally male franchise systems — who happen to be women.

1. Believe in Yourself

The best strategy to succeed in any business is to have confidence in yourself, the service you are selling and in the team you lead to fulfill customers’ needs. This is even more important for women who may feel anxious speaking with authority on the topic they are selling, such as home repairs and improvements, disaster restoration and large-scale painting projects. Pam Estabrooke, owner of ProTect Painters of Central Gwinnett, Ga. agrees that being a female in a traditionally male industry can be a challenge. Her clients often assume she is the one doing the painting and are surprised when she shows up to provide an estimate and begins talking about their home projects. Try not to take it personally if a client requests a man. Becky Edgren, owner of PuroClean of Dayton, Ohio feels accomplished when customers sense her passion for the business and trust she knows what she’s doing, but she also realizes that part of her job is to tend to customer requests and deliver exceptional service. While a customer may expect a man to complete the estimate or to check on the crew completing a project typically geared toward a male industry, professionalism and confidence will counteract any concerns and will immediately make an impression that other business owners — male or female — cannot compete with. Click below to read the whole article...
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But Growth Could be Slowed Significantly by Federal Regulations

WASHINGTON, Jan. 7, 2015 – Franchise businesses are expected to grow and create more jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the economy in 2015 for the fifth consecutive year, according to The Franchise Business Economic Outlook: 2015 released today by the International Franchise Association (IFA) Educational Foundation and IHS Economics.

"Franchising is an American success story. Independently-owned and operated local franchise businesses are growing faster, creating more jobs at a quicker pace and producing higher sales growth than other businesses. Franchising is a vital engine of economic expansion in the United States and 2015 looks to be another strong year for franchise businesses," said IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira.
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Phyllis Pieri, CFE CCP

I use my passion for people and my 30+ years in the franchise industry to guide fledgling entrepreneurs through the franchise selection process. In my franchise career, I have done it all, including working for franchisors, consulting with franchisees, and owning franchises myself. This depth of experience makes me ideal for helping place new business owners in the right concept for them. I have trained a myriad of others, in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. to use my tried and proven approach to franchise business selection.