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Current News

The Monster Book Fair was a lot of fun. The students have found many new books to read. If there are still items you wish to purchase, just visit to place an order.

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Meet the Author

H.A. Rey - He and his wife Margaret are from Germany. They have written the beloved Curious George books.

Berenstains - Another husband and wife team, Stan and Jan write the ever-popular Berenstain Bear series.

New Arrivals


The Map to Everywhere

Shouldn't You be in School?

Rain Reign

The Terrible Two


Snowboard Hero

The War That Saved My Life

The Secret Cipher

In New York

I am Cow, Hear me Moo!

Millie Fierce sleeps Out!

Wimsy's Heavy Things

The Pocket Mommy

Noni is Nervous

Genre of the Month

Realistic Fiction - a genre consisting of stories that could have actually occurred to people or animals in a believable setting. These stories take place in the present. Characters are involved in events that could really happen.

Coming Soon

  • Fall Break is next week. Get some good books to read before the break.
  • We will have Character Day on Friday, October 23. Students and teachers will dress up as their favorite book character. Be creative, be adventurous, be someone else for a day. We look forward seeing all the characters.
  • Dewey Demo will be presented by Sixth Graders in November.