Vacation in Callisto

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Ten facts about Callisto:

  • Callisto is the second largest moon orbiting Jupiter and the third largest moon in the solar system.
  • It has a diameter of 2,985 miles (4,800 km), which is only 1% smaller than the planet Mercury.
  • Callisto is the 8th moon in distance from Jupiter and takes 17 days to make one complete orbit of the planet.
  • It orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 1,168,000 miles (1,880,000 km).
  • Due to its orbit being further away from Jupiter it is not under the same tidal heating influences as Io, Europa or Ganymede.
  • Despite the lack of internal heat generated by Jupiter's gravity it is still possible that Callisto could have a salty subsurface ocean.
  • Callisto orbits beyond Jupiter's main radiation belt making it one of more safer environments in the outer solar system to locate a future manned base.
  • Callisto is the most cratered object in the solar system and has the oldest landscape.
  • Callisto has the lowest density of any of the "Galilean Moons".
  • The moon was discovered in January 1610 by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.
  • Informations about travel to Callisto:
  • The clothing worn on this trip are specific clothes (not included in the party package).
  • Exists as do other trips near Callisto, see your travel agent for more information.
  • The transport used to travel and the rocket.

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