January 25-29

Week B

Grades: Please post grades on a regular basis in Infinite Campus. As more parents sign up for the parent portal it is important to keep parents informed.

Mid Year Goal Review: Mid year review is due by Jan 29. When looking at your mid-year data remember you can include multiple data points (PALS, Star, SGA, etc) when determining growth for students. Charts and/or graphs are helpful in analyzing data. As you analyze your mid year data, include what instructional changes you will make based on your information.

POWER UP: As we enter the second half of the school year it is extremely important for intervention and remediation to be consistent and occur everyday. Power up, math, and reading are priorities on 2 hour late days.


What is your MINDSET? Take the quiz at this link to find out. Be honest.

Once you have completed quiz go to this survey and complete (just one question)