A Raisin In The Sun

Juan Vivas period 3

Thesis Statement

In my honest opinion I believe that the screenplay of "A Raisin In The Sun" shows the attainability of the American dream because throughout the play we notice that each main character have to make or create a important decision. for example near the end of the play Walter had to think what is better money or his family.

Theme Analysis

The overall theme of the play would be man vs. self because throughout the story each character had to make a decision rather or not it would be good for the family or even bad for the family.


In this screenplay I would say that the conflict would be man vs. self and man vs. society...

why I say this is because for man vs. self "Walter was complaining and fighting with Ruth that a house in a white neighborhood is less then what he could actually dream about, but after being alone for a little Walter comes to realize any house for his family and son would be perfect" and man vs. society "the house representative came and wanted to give them money for the house they bought to move into but the actual reason was because nobody wanted to live next to BLACK people and it was a white only area."



Restating my thesis, I have to conclude that this play takes everything that someone should learn about and makes or causes you to think about your choices that you've did before and also new choices in the future. Rather for family or even yourself.

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