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A few words from our PRINCIPAL, Mrs. Kranz!

Dear NMFA Families,

We have been enjoying the last snowfall, but we may need to brace ourselves for more! We really do not want to have anymore "snow days"!

Parent Conferences

THANK YOU to everyone who has come to our school for Parent-Teacher Conferences so far. If you missed signing up for them, please call the office so we can sign you up! We are trying to encourage everyone to meet with our teachers in person. If you cannot meet in person, we can arrange phone or Zoom calls.

SHOUT OUT TO Destination Imagination Teams

"We are so proud of our teams that went to the Destination Imagination State competition on Saturday. They showed creativity, teamwork, perseverance, and much more. It was great to see all the smiles and high fives being given to each other.

Our Gr. 2-3 Smarties 2 Team placed second!

Our Gr. 4-5 Seven Bears Team placed third!

Congratulations to all of the teams for participating!

A special thank you to our chaperones: Gabby Delmont, Maureen Alexander, Kelly Winters, Liz Bercaw, and Megan Matsen. We could not have made it through the day without their help!"

~Ms. Crowley

A very special thank you to Ceil Crowley who works tirelessly with all of the teams throughout the year every week!

Distinctions of Equity

I have loved school and learning my entire life. Even now as a principal, I am continuing learning and taking classes with other leaders in education throughout our state. Over the next couple months I am part of a cohort with the University of MN Principal Academy focusing on Literacy Learning for Leaders. One of our discussions today was about the DISTINCTIONS OF EQUITY. I want to take a few moments to distinguish between three key areas when we are engaged in equity work. We often confuse their particular purposes. As a result, we use them interchangeably when they are not. Below is an outline that is helping our staff understand the distinctions between them. Since these are not a continuum. We cannot begin with Multicultural Education and believe it will lead to Culturally Responsive Instruction. Why? Because Culturally Responsive Instruction is focused on the cognitive development of students. Multicultural Education and Social Justice Education have more of a supporting role.

Multicultural Education focuses on celebrating diversity. It centers around creating positive social interactions across difference. Diversity and inclusion efforts live here. Multicultural education concerns itself with exposing students to multiple perspectives, and other cultures. For students of color, the focus is on seeing themselves reflected in the curriculum. The goal is social harmony.

Social Justice Education focuses on exposing the social, political and economic context that students experience. Social Justice Education centers around raising students' consciousness about inequity in everyday social, environmental, economic and political situations. Anti-racist efforts live here. Social Justice Education concerns itself with creating a lens to recognize and interrupt inequitable patterns and practices in society.

Culturally Responsive Education focuses on improving the learning capacity of students. Culturally Responsive Education centers around the affective and cognitive aspect of teaching and learning. Efforts to accelerate learning live here. Culturally Responsive Education concerns itself with building cognitive capacity and academic mindset.

The goal is Independent Learning for Agency.

Have a great SPRING BREAK!!

Be safe, kind and responsible...and be cooperative!


Mrs. Kranz, Principal

Upcoming Dates


Week of March 6-10

Conferences after school/evening

**Please call the school if you still need a conference with a teacher.

Week of March 6 ***Scholastic Book Fair ***

Wednesday, March 8 6th - 8th Grade Black History Month Projects displayed in hallways

Thursday, March 9 ALL SCHOOL "DEAR" and BUDDY Reading

Friday, March 10 No School - Conferences

March 13 - 17 No School - Spring Break

March 20 - 3rd Trimester Starts

March 21 Cultural Arts Performance Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue (Dance and Culture)

March 22 Spring Pictures Free Dress Option (only students paying/ordering will be taking pictures)

Monday, March 27 Spring Clubs START (*watch for the sign up link)

Thursday, March 30 Spring Tutoring START (*watch for the sign up link.)



Thursday, April 6 Science Fair

Friday, April 7 - Contract Holiday, No School

Tuesday, April 18 Chipotle Restaurant Family Night


MAY Spring NWEA Tests

Friday, May 12 School Carnival

Monday, May 29 Memorial Day - No school

Friday, June 2 Last day of school for students

Week of June 12 Summer Enrichment Activities TBD

Check the Classroom Newsletters!

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Mindfulness Corner

Here are a few activities that we can all learn to be more mindful of ourselves and our emotions. Learning to regulate our emotions is a very important life tool that we can learn to practice in healthy ways! Try these fun breathing exercises out with your family!
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What is Cooperation?

Family Focus

We all experience situations in which we must work with others to accomplish a goal or task in our life. Whether we are working with friends or with someone new, we need tools to help us successfully navigate those situations and keep our relationships healthy.

Conversation Starters:

  • What does Cooperation mean in your own words?
  • Why do you think showing Kindness and Cooperation are so important in a leadership role?

Book Recommendation

Teamwork Isn’t My Thing And I Don’t Like To Share

by Julia Cook

RJ doesn’t want to cooperate and share at school or at home. Will his soccer coach help him understand why Cooperation is a skill that he’ll need on and off the field?

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Reading is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is excited to share Barnes & Noble’s Storytime Pick, Hooray for You for February’s Rally to Read theme, Celebration. This book is a celebration of “You-Ness,” the grand sum of mind, body and heart that makes every person truly unique. Celebrate your students this month and all that makes them unique and special with this engaging read-aloud by Marianne Richmond, whose passion for helping people feel seen and loved has resulted in over 70 books.

Don’t forget to enter daily for a chance to win 100 new, diverse books for your school (generously being donated by Barnes & Noble). Teachers can enter daily. One hundred educators will be chosen. The sweepstakes closes on February 28th so enter now!

Thank you for rallying with RIF to get our nation’s children excited to read.

Happy reading,

The RIF Team

P.S. Save the date March 2nd at 1pm ET for a virtual reading event coming to you live from the Barnes & Noble flagship store in New York City to celebrate Read Across America Day featuring authors Peter H. Reynolds and Naaz Khan.

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Science Fair Information

Dear Students and Parents:

We cordially invite you to participate in the North Metro Flex Academy all-school science fair. Any students in grades 1st-8th are eligible to participate. The primary objective of the Science Fair is to promote critical thinking and scientific problem-solving through hands-on experimentation and observation. The students will be expected to:

· Ask a question and form a hypothesis.

· Design and complete an experiment to test the hypothesis.

· Make observations, organize data, analyze results, and draw conclusions.

· Create a scientific display board.

Participation in the science fair is voluntary, and all work on the project should be completed at home. Students may work alone or with a partner in the same grade. Hill Murray students who mentor/tutor at our school will judge projects. All students who participate will receive a participation award, and cash prizes will be awarded to the first ($100), second ($50), and third ($25) places. Parents and family will be invited to attend the fair held after school on Thursday, April 6th.

To participate in the Science Fair, all students must submit a permission form signed by their parent or guardian with their project proposal. Once the project proposal has been approved, a "Science Fair Information Packet" will be sent home with the information needed to participate. Please only begin experimenting once the student has received approval for the project proposal.

Permission slips and project proposals are due by March 2nd. Any proposals received after March 2nd will not be allowed to participate in the science fair.

If you have any questions, please contact Lacey Hastings at

Estimados estudiantes y padres,

Lo invitamos cordialmente a participar en la feria de ciencias North Metro Metro Flex Academy. Todos los estudiantes en los grados 1-8 son elegibles para participar. El objetivo principal de la Feria de Ciencias es promover el pensamiento crítico y la resolución de problemas científicos a través de la experimentación práctica y la observación. Se espera que los estudiantes:

• Haz una pregunta y forma una hipótesis

• Diseñar y completar un experimento para probar la hipótesis

• Hacer observaciones, organizar datos, analizar resultados y sacar conclusiones

• Crear un tablero de exhibición científica

La participación en la feria de ciencias es voluntaria, y todo el trabajo en el proyecto debe completarse en casa. Los estudiantes pueden trabajar solos o con un compañero en el mismo grado. Los estudiantes de Hill Murray que visiten nuestra escuela juzgarán los proyectos. Todos los estudiantes que participen recibirán un premio de participación, y se otorgarán premios en efectivo al primer lugar ($ 100), segundo ($ 50) y tercero ($ 25).Los padres y la familia estarán invitados a asistir a la feria que se celebra después de la escuela el jueves 6 de abril.

Para participar en la feria de ciencias, todos los estudiantes deben presentar un formulario de permiso firmado por su padre o tutor con su propuesta de proyecto. Una vez que la propuesta de proyecto haya sido aprobada, se enviará a casa un paquete informativo de la Feria de Ciencias con la información necesaria para participar. Por favor, solo comience a experimentar una vez que el estudiante haya recibido la aprobación para la propuesta de proyecto. Los permisos y las propuestas de proyectos deben presentarse antes del 2 de marzo. Cualquier propuesta después del 2 de marzo no podrá participar en la feria de ciencias.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con Lacey Hastings en

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Reminder: Vaccine available for children 5 to 11 years old

Governor Tim Walz announced that Minnesotans can schedule appointments for children ages 5-11 to receive an updated bivalent booster at state-run vaccination sites. The announcement follows updated recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that expanded the use of updated (bivalent) COVID-19 vaccines to children ages 5 through 11 years to protect them against newer Omicron variants.

Minnesota health care providers are ready to administer new COVID-19 booster shots for ages 5 and older that have been formulated to be more effective against the Omicron variants. Attached you will find high-level talking points on the Bivalent vaccine.

The Pfizer bivalent booster is now available for people 5 and older and the Moderna bivalent vaccine is now available for people 6 and older.Both products can be given as soon as two months after a primary vaccine series or booster vaccination. Children 5-11 receive a smaller dose than people age 12 and older. The bivalent vaccines are only recommended for use as a booster.

The updated COVID-19 boosters can both help restore protection that has decreased since previous vaccination and provide broader protection against newer variants. The COVID-19 vaccines and the updated booster are safe and help protect people from getting very sick with COVID-19. Even if you’ve already had COVID-19, you should get vaccinated.

State-Run Vaccination Sites

Vaccination will start this week at the state-run vaccination sites at Mall of America, Duluth, Moorhead, Rochester, and St. Paul. Parents can start making appointments now.

All state-run vaccination sites will offer the Pfizer bivalent boosters. Appointments are recommended but walk ins will be accepted.

Where to Get a Bivalent Booster

There are several options for where to get a bivalent booster.

  • Check with your regular health care provider or local pharmacy to see if appointments are available.
  • Minnesotans can make appointments at the state-run vaccination sites now: State Run Sites
  • Use the state’s Find Vaccine Locations map to find vaccine providers near you—providers will update their information as appointments are available.
  • Check for vaccine appointments at, where you can search for appointments by vaccine type (e.g., Pfizer).
  • Watch for vaccination clinics being offered at other community locations around Minnesota.

Friendly Reminder to all families and students

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Check It Out!


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Need to Know Information for the school year!

Important Contacts at NMFA

o Debbie Kranz – Principal

o Dave Isaacson – Special Education Director

o Chelsea Smieja – Operations Manger

o Jessaca Karg – Office Manager

Please take a look at some of our important times we have at NMFA:

School Hours 7:30a– 2:00p

Building hours: 7:00a – 2:30p

Lunches: Start at 10:50a – 12:10p

Wolf Pack: 2:00p-4:30p grade KG-6th for more information email

( See Below )