The Boston Massacre

By: Chase H.

What is the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre is an event that happened on March 5th, 1770. Colonist gathered around a small group of soldiers in front of the state house and began calling each other names and trading insults which soon lead to throwing things such as small stones and snowballs. As the crowd grew larger the soldiers feared for their safety and fired into the crowed. These shots killed 5 people which infuriated the colonists.

What Caused the Boston Massacre?

It all started when soldiers were being sent in around October 1768. It was constant arguments between the colonists and the people trying to enforce the kings rules. Many of the arguments where caused by the many rules or acts such as the Townshed acts passed by the Parliament in 1767 which put a tax on everything being imported to the colonies.

Why did all these rules effect the colonists?

In October 1768 when soldiers were being sent in to the colonists they reacted as if they were invading them. Also, when all the rules and acts were being passed the colonists felt as if these were threats to their political right.

who was crispus attucks?

Crispus Attucks was on of the 5 colonists who were shot in the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks was known as a hero who gave his life for freedom.
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Below is a picture by Paul Revere which is not accurate.

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Boston Massacre Video

My Reaction:

My reaction is that the colonists were very brave to have fought with the soldiers when they hardly had any weapons compared to the soldiers who had guns at their side. Also, that people risked their lives to gain freedom in the colonies and died doing what felt right to them.