Weekly Update - July 1, 2022

Strive Center for Autism

Upcoming Fun Fridays

Spirit Days - Please NOTE CHANGES ON JULY 15TH AND 22ND

  • July 8th - Hat Day - Wear any hat you like
  • July 15th - Brighton - School Spirit Day - wear your Strive shirt
  • July 15th - Burton - Mismatch Day stripes with polka dots, crazy colors, 2 different socks, the less it matches, the better!
  • July 22nd - Brighton - Mismatch Day - stripes with polka dots, crazy colors, 2 different socks, the less it matches, the better!
  • July 22nd - Burton - School Spirit Day - wear your Strive shirt
  • July 29th - Super Hero Day - wear a shirt with your favorite super hero on it, or go all out and dress like your favorite super hero.

Fun Friday Activities

  • July 8th - Edible Flag Treat - we use graham crackers, frosting OR cool whip, and strawberries and blueberries to make an edible flag. Please reach out to your BCBA for any allergy concerns or dietary restrictions, we are happy to make substitutions.
  • July 15th - Brighton - Water balloons - feel free to send sandals or water shoes to wear during this activity
  • July 15th - Burton - Reading Buddies
  • July 22nd - Brighton - Reading Buddies
  • July 22nd - Burton - Water balloons - feel free to send sandals or water shoes to wear during this activity
  • July 29th - "Fireworks" science experiment - we make fireworks in a jar with water, oil, and food coloring
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Meet Alyssa, Behavior Specialist

Alyssa joined our team over a year ago in Brighton, while completing her graduate coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis. She recently completed her coursework, and continues to work on accruing the required fieldwork hours as her next step in becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Alyssa has moved into the role of Behavior Specialist, helping to cover cases while Evey was on maternity leave. She has recently begun commuting to Burton in preparation to assist for Jessica's upcoming maternity leave in September!

Currently, you'll find Alyssa in Burton about one day per week, but over time, she will begin spending more time there to learn all about our Burton families. We are so fortunate to have an experienced student who is ready to share her talents in both buildings!

4th of July

Please remember that we are closed on Monday, July 4th for Independence Day. We realize families may have plans for that weekend or evening that keep kids up late, so if you anticipate needing to take Tuesday, July 5th off, please let us know by completing the form below to schedule your absence.

This allows us to plan our schedule, and allow some staff members a longer weekend too!

Please use the link to complete the form for planned absences:

Therapy Schedule Update Form

Here are some additional dates that the centers will be closed this summer:

Friday, August 26th Professional Development Day

Monday, September 5th Labor Day

If your family is planning a longer absence around one of those dates, or at another time, please let us know as soon as you are able!

Leigh Harter Speech Services in Both Locations

Leigh Harter Speech Services (LHSS) has begun seeing children in both of our locations!

Leigh and her team will provide groups for all of our children, and 1:1 services for those families who are interested. If you're interested in 1:1 services for your child, you can download the LHSS New Patient Form (below) and return it following the instructions on the form. If you need a printed copy, just reach out to us and we're happy to provide one. We can also scan the form to help get it returned to LHSS.

For more general information on LHSS, please visit their website.

Therapist Switch

Summer is in full swing, and we recently made a therapist switch in Burton, and one is following in Brighton in July. For some families, your child will be working with someone you may not have worked with before, for some, it will be a return to an old friend. Please keep in mind that switching therapists is important for your children for several reasons:

• It allows generalization of skills, to ensure that your child can respond to any teacher

• It helps to reinforce flexibility and a positive response to changes

• It gives your child a fun and different perspective, with a new person to play with

As parents, the most important thing you can do is say positive things about your child's therapist in front of him - "Look - it's Jill! You're going to have so much fun with her this morning!" or "It sounds like you had a great time with Sue this afternoon!"

We have been adding profiles of our therapists to the newsletters and to our Facebook page, in the hopes that you'll feel like you're getting to know our therapists a little better. You can also pull up those profiles and pictures to show your child who he's going to work with on a given day, or talk about what he did with her earlier that day.

In addition to our typical therapist switch, we've begun incorporating a greater variety of therapists into the schedule for children who are preparing to transition to school in the fall. Typically, we schedule children with just 1 morning therapist and 1 afternoon therapist. For our children transitioning to school, we are changing that up as much as possible - some of the children will see up to 6 different therapists per week! This is meant to further their generalization and increase flexibility, which will be essential for school. Please reach out if you have any concerns about your child's schedule.

Switching therapists is an important step in preparing your child for school and other settings, and we thank you for your support.

VIP Day - both centers

Friday, July 8th, 8am

Brighton and Burton

VIP Day - Join us for another VIP Day on Friday, July 8th!

NOTE: We have changed the date from Friday, July 1st to Friday, July 8th.

Parents, you and your child can choose a Very Important Person to invite to this special day. Each child can bring one VIP, and we ask that you use our Sign Up Genius link below to sign up for a time.

VIPs will come in the building for a tour, a quick craft, and a fun snack with us!

We plan to have a VIP day quarterly, so there will be two more opportunities this year. Any VIP in your child's life is welcome to attend. This is a chance for caregivers and family members to get a sneak peek into what our children do every day at Strive!

There are no mask requirements in our centers at this time.

To sign up for VIP Day in Brighton, click this link:

Brighton VIP Day Signup

To sign up for VIP Day in Burton, click this link:

Burton VIP Day Signup