World History 2nd Brianna Dailey

What was the change ?

The Reformation was caused by the weakened Renaissance and the printing press spread secular books. The Reformation was a movement in the 16th century for religious reform. During the time there were problems within the church like pursuing worldly affairs, Priests breaking vows by marrying and drinking or gambling, and Indulgences . This time period Lead to the founding of christian churches that reject the Popes authority. This movement caused the King and Pope to fight for power. Also a period were Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and John Calvin who challenged authority and questioned the Catholic church's.

Who were the peolpe associated with the change ?

  • Martin Luther - A man who declared to make a change.
  • Gutenburg- developed the printing press.
  • protestants- Christians against the catholic church.
  • Henry VIII- king of England who

Reformers From the Reformation

Impacts of the Reformation

How did the change impact society at the time ? ( short term effects)

The movement brought 95 theses ; formal statements written to attack the church wrote by Martin Luther and were posted on the door of the castle church. . Luther also believed only faith and "good work" are needed for Salvation. All people of faith were equal. Church teaching only based on words of the bible. Priest were giving pardons for sins. People believed in this and were known for Lutherans not all protestants. A protestant was a protester against Pope. John Calvin published Institutes of Christian Religion. Predestination became known but Luther didn't believe in it.

How is that change seen in today's modern society ? (Long term effects)

The Catholic reformation was a movement to help Catholics to remain loyal. Jesuits were members of the society of Jesus.They founded schools in Europe, stopped the spread of Protestantism, and Converted non-Christians to Catholicism. The Council Trent meet to consult on reforms. They decided that Bible and Church's were equally powerful. Indulgences were allowed but false indulgences were banned. Faith and Good work were needed for Salvation and bibles were final.