Venezuelan protest

By: Gwen Friedman

Background information

~ The crisis began in 2002 when people against president Hugo Chavez went on a nationwide oil strike

~The oil industry in Venezuela makes over one half of the governments income

~The price of crude oil has dropped more than 50% and that is leaving the Venezuelan government broke

~To attempt to keep the oil production going the workers on strike were fired and replaced with foreign workers

~ Venezuela has government-imposed price controls ,this later caused economic trouble and people started to protest the situation

~Due to economic trouble the government could not afford basic goods to in stores often leaving the shelves empty

Even Rich Venezuelans Can't Find Food

About the Protest

~When the people of Venezuela protest against the country's inflation the protests sometimes turn into riots on the streets (inflation percent was 25% is now 56% and may continue to rise)

~The protests have been happening from 2002 to now

~ In some cases there have been bombings and death during the protests ( more than 15 killed 150 injured so far before Feb 25, 2014)

~Citizens were upset that they were in poverty (65%of the population lives below the poverty line)

~President Chavez blames the us for the problems going on

Effects of the protest

~Deaths were results of violent protests (14 year old boy shot when protesting with his classmates)

~President Nicolas Maduro solved anti-government protests by placing the protesters in jail and shut down news stations that do not follow his polices

~Worker strikes are costing the government 70 million dollars per day

~Banks and schools in rich neighborhoods are closed

~People have gone into poverty

~Basic goods like milk and potatoes have gone up in price drastically

How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

The protesters showed their belief systems through protest by showing they do not like that most of the country lives in poverty because they think its unfair they have to live they way they do because the country is broke, not them. They also are protesting against the government under the control of Nicolas Maduro because they do not think the government is fair and want their lives to be better.
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