Symbol: Al


Atomic Number: 13

Atomic Mass:26.981538

Melting Point: 660.37

Boiling Point: 2467.0

number of Protons/Electrons: 13

Number of Neutrons: 14

Classification: other metals

Characteristics: silver-gray in color, metallic, ductile, malleable

Density: 2.70 g/cm3

Phase at Room Temperature: Solid


* Soda Cans

* Cars

* Trucks

* Airplanes

* Bicycles

* Foil

* Watches

* Cooking Utensils

* Trains

* Baseball Bats

* Poles


Named by: Humphry Davy

Discovered by: Hans Christian Oersted

Year of Discovery: 1825

Worth: 1,051.47 $/100g

Name Origin: From the Latin word "Alumen"

Atomic Radius: 184pm (Van der Waals)

Covalent Radius: 118pm

Where Can the Element be Found? Everywhere


Al-26 half life- 73000.0 years

Al-27 half life- Stable

Al-28 half life- 2.3 minutes