The law as a career

By: Brady Strauss

Litigation Attorneys

Litigation Attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases and manage all phases of the litigation process from investigation,pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. Litigation attorneys often conduct an initial case investigation to determine, in the plaintiff’s case, if enough evidence exists to file a lawsuit or, in the defendant’s case, what evidence exists to defend a potential suit. The investigation process may include locating witnesses, taking witness statements, gathering documents, interviewing the client and investigating the facts leading to the dispute.

Parts of a law firm

There is a few structures to a law firms one of them is Managing Partner there job is to sit at the top of the law firm. A senior level or founding lawyer of the firm, the managing partner manages the day-to-day operations of the firm. The managing partner often heads an executive committee comprised of other senior partners and helps establish and guide the firm's vision. The managing partner usually assumes management responsibilities in addition to maintaining a full time law practice.


Law firm partners, also called shareholders, are lawyers who are joint owners and operators of the law firm. Most law firms embrace a two-tiered partnership structure: equity and non-equity. Equity partners have an ownership stake in the firm and share in the law firm's profits. Non-equity partners are generally paid a fixed salary and may be vested with certain limited voting rights in law firm matters. Non-equity partners are often, although not always, promoted to full equity status in one to three years.


Associates are law firm lawyers who are the prospects of becoming partners. Large firms divide associates from junior to associates depending on merit and experience level. The typical law firm lawyer works as an associate for six to nine years before ascending to the partnership ranks.

Of council lawyers

Of counsel attorneys are not employees of the firm but usually work on an independent contractor basis. Attorneys who serve are usually experienced, senior lawyers who have their own book of business and a strong reputation in the community. Some of counsel attorneys are semi-retired lawyers who were formerly partners of the firm.

Mr Olson.

What I didnt know about lawyers in Wisconsin is that you do not have to take the bar exam like you do in other states and less than 5 percent of cases actually go to court.